So much pain


hi sky 77

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all u have to do is write the things that are causing u pain and hurt down and we will continue from there.

u can write as much or as little as u like and hopefully someone will have been there and survived or be at the beginnin of the journey u are already on

but please

keep posting and chattin

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Thank you. I just tear up and cry when I tell it. I am not sure that anyone on the whole world will understand and most of all, I see no answers. I have raised my daughter alone. She never met herfather. We are very close- I thought I did everything right. I worked very hard to provide us a good life I wanted to live in a nice house and I even babysat weekends for 10 years with her. She loved it as we were with the same family. I met dated much becuase I didnt want amyone get close and then it if didnt work, I didnt want her hurt. I am an attractive , smart woman. I had wonderful parents with great values. They would watch my daughter 2 nights a week and I finished college and could date then. My daughter was very close to my family as well as I was. I still was very independant but I knew when she was with them , it was good for both of us. As time when, my daughter got sick- pain and always inflammation on the bioposies- it started in about 7th grade. So miss ALot of school and was in the hospital about 20 times. One doctor said it was a form of crohns- not irritalbe bowl syndrom bu as there was alawas inflammation on the bioposies. They had her on alot of predsone- but she handled it and I fought hard the schools for tutors and for her to keep up with school Life was not easy but nothing like now. SHe finished high school- but was sick alot- I did not know if emotions played a role or now. She never was disagonises with a disease but always inflammation. She had many conolscpoeis. Then she stated a local college- actually lived there- I cant tell you who hard financailly it was for me but I always wanted the best for her. After the beginning of the second year, she got Pregrant. I was shocked but as it as a locel boy who had serious drug problems… My daughter knew him in school- she was straight as an arrow and always good and caring. He didnt finish hs- his family got alot of money- and he just took the wrong turn. her pregrancy was hard as the dr said she was high risk as because of all her medical issues. She had the chilod, A little boy and she lived back home and I helped raise him while she finished college. I adored him and her and honestly did everything humanly possible for her. I changed my job and worked at night to watch the baby int he daytime so she could finish school. The father of the child never came aroound or paid as he was a serious drug addict. Then both my parents died- they were my cheerleaders. THey gave me so much emotional support. Now they are gone and I need help, because the story get way way way worse. SO far, this is not a bad story but what occurs next is so unreal, that I do not know waht ot say. When her chlld was 2 years old she had cancer - it was CIS- so at 22 yrs old, she had a hystromc=ctory0 I spelled that incorrect. Dr explained it to me and said it was due to the fact all the immunesuppresants and that goes bad cells an opportunity to spread. BUt it was contained and done…She recovered well., was an excellent mother and finished college but then wanted her masters. I was so scared over the money, but I managed. I worked nights. watched her son. my grandson in the daytime. I told so many loans out for her schooling. She was sure she would finish school and pay mer . I knew we were so so close. THen she just finishedschool and started to work. We both really raised her son but I always knew she was the mom and I was th egram. It is gonna get worse. She met a bad guy- I swear he is a socialpath- he is a cop with military background. I begged her to wait and not to marry him. he was 10 years older and a divorced father fo 5. I didnt trust him as we knew little about his background. He is a pathological liar- they lived her till this past Xmas. Things are so so bad. I honestly belive he married her for our house. I do not know how to go on but I believe he is poisoning her and my grandson and has tried to kill me. I am postivie and do not know what to do or where to turn. There is more to this story but I am positive. And afraid

well sky 77

thank u for sharing your story. first let me congratulate u on doing a wonderful job raising your daughter i know its not easy.

and how wonderful u are able to help raise the grandson as well, that makes a special bond i no cos im always with my grandsons, i dote on all four of them, constantly champion their causes and if im honest spoil them just cos i can....but enough of that.

im sorry your parents are no longer with us do u have someone u can run these ideas by?

what makes u think he is going to poison or attempt to kill u?

how does she feel about him? is it a knock on effect from losing her grandparents?

if i was u i would consult someone who is outside the house mayb a solicitor who can help u put the house in trust for the grandson that at least would keep the house out of his hands.
have u seen a doctor or a consulor to make sure u are in good shape?

keep posting hon and chattin

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I am still not sure I am on the right place as I went to grief and overwhelmed but here goes. I dont know how to get all this on the right one- I think i made a mistake when I began yesterday as I wrote on three sites. But here goes more. It became obvious to me he was a patholocial liar. He was tall andgood looking and just like Andy Taylor on the old show Mayberry- he had a kind smile but such a liar. He stated he had no debt and would pay for all the wedding. I still urged my daughter to wait and get to know him. OF coarse her son, 6 years old loved seeing ghe squad car and him in the uniform. I dont know how to tell it but everyhing he said was a lie. I think we were sitting pigeons. When my parents died I did not take n=any money as my brother took the money and I kept the condo in Fla and rent it out. My daughter and I worked so hard and wanted her son to have a good future. She married but lived in this house. I gave them my room as this is a 2 bedroom house and I slept in the family room. I worked alot and I do management of a large company so for the first time in my life I got in management and worked alot. She was 27 with her 6 year old son and he was 37, He said he was done with the military but in 2007 ( so many lies before then- all tried to con me all the time.) then he stated he received papers that he had a year left to serve and had to go to afghanstan. I could not imagine how someone owed a year and didnt know that. So he had to go but before that time., my daugher started getting unual symptoms- numbness and tingleing in her arms- she went dr to dr with him and now suddenly after 3 healthy years and perfect health- she had a positive ANA which is a inflammation factor- she NEVER had that in her past. I did not suspect anything yet. I cant tell the rest as there is so much more- but he had 10 years military chemical training- I never told us that. She had two surgeries and then autonomic failure- the drs including Mayo clinic are all stumped- nothin adds up. we went to Univ of Iowa and saw the head neurologist and after a 4 hour exam he stated she was exposed to pesticides as this was not a normal neruopathy- it did not being in the feet first like that would- he said in the arms, and hands- it was a heavy metal issue- he never disclosed his background in chemical toxic bio terrism. Then more,by her sickness he got out of the national guard illegially. I researched and back in 1994 he was at fort campball KY and barred from reinlisting but he joined the guard- I researched and often if one is barred from the army they can join the guard. He did- and I think he was done when he married and I think he secretly reinlisted in 2007 and never told her or me . He just said he did not know he owed a year. Then her illness got him out of it while there. But his behavior,now 41, I can tell you he is very sick but has everyone fooled. There are no cops that will listen to me and help me. My counsler told me that I had to make them move. My daughter thinks he is the greattest as I truely believe he has the training and background to manipute and con so much- there is more to tell but no one to help me. I am so afraid. Yes, I did a trust- rather quicly- to protect my grandson- but I cry all the time as I truely believe she is in danger. There is more- I will write more about what happened this april- I am sure he is poisoning her and has killed some animals. I am so afraid even my grandson- now 10 is in danger. There is no one who cares and no one to help- I cant prove the posiosning but I have found incrimminating stuff. I tried to talk to local FBI but they just referred me to an 800 domestic line and that is not what i need. And ideas. i am sure that I see him very clearly.


ok here goes and forgive me i dont live in the states so probably wont get the names right so bear with me.

doing some research i have found out that all police bodies are governed by an onsbudsman who is able to see if things are being done properly, gather the evidence and show them.

im all so informed that if the hospital suspects foul play they can request the police to look into the evidence they have found and make detailed reports to the correct people and that they can in certain cases have his forces records opened (ie why he was dismissed)

but good for u in gettin a trust up and runnin for the grandchild

keep posting and chattin hon

hope this helps while i do more research into it all

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

no, it doesn work that way. The police protect the police. The Fbi does not care and poison is one of the toughtest things to prove. But most of all, my daughter believes in this man. Maybe cause she never met her father, maybe because she has low self esteem, or maybe because deep down she really resents me. but I tell her and I had the closest relationship in the world. We really did and she never lied. Now, she has lied and lied to protect him. He really is a true socialpath and is one of the best charmers in the world. I just think how could i have stopped this- is it my fault? My counsler said, I had to have them move, they had to go on the own and that I must protect myself. BUt I set back and know she is in trouble. I just have no hope of anything. I also raised my grandson and to not be a part of his life. I am getting ready to put my house on the market and just try hard to think of a future without the only two people in the world that ever mattered to me. My daughter and grandson- but it is her choice and she had treated me so badly- her husband turely wants me dead. He can control her and my grandson- mentally and physically. I am just heartbroken and have no faith. No, the police will protect the police. That is the way it is.


im so sorry that u have no option but to move away and leave those u love behind,

it will be tough but mayb it will be good if she has to be left with him he might not seem so exciting and the hold will be broken,

but u need to build your strengh and well being up again so just take care of u hon.

keep posting and chattin

we are all here for u

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Sky is right D, in US police protect eachother & same w/military (code of honor) my husband is ex-marine. This is a rough one Sky & it might be best to leave for your safety D's right, I'm about 6hrs from FL. if you'd like any assistance, I'll sure try, your last post was last Tuesday.....all my strengths are w/you, think about it.