So much stress. I want so much to have a few hours of quiet

So much stress. I want so much to have a few hours of quiet and gin followed with time with my tattoo friend (better than cutting). Life just get 100% unbearable.

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Life would become much more bearable if you balance things out and get a regular life schedule.

Today it only gets worse. Glad I have my son with me. If he weren't sharing my hotel room I would be drinking and cutting.

I don't have your particular affliction, but I know that urge to do something harmful/addiction. And the feeling of being unbearably unhappy. I do not know what to tell you other than that I feel for you, deeply, and I am sorry that you feel stressed and alone. My guess is, based partly on what i see from your posts, and from your career, that you have been through hell and back many times. You know what to do when you find yourself there - keep walking. As hard as that is, keep walking. If you have to, CRAWL. You are not alone. You can talk to me any time you need an ear. As I said, don't share your struggle, but have plenty of my own, and I can definitely empathize and listen. xxxxxxx

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@tigerskitten thx very much