So my anxiety caused my appetite to really diminish. I've be

so my anxiety caused my appetite to really diminish. I've been using medical cannabis to get my appetite back but now I'm wondering if its actually caused anorexia

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I have no idea about drugs but Dont some drugs diminish appetite and some make you Eat. A lot when I have an eating disorder I was put on antidepressants because it is about the chemicals in your brain as far as my understanding is.

@java isn’t everyone different though? I mean when you go to a doctor they try out medication that they think is right for you and then if that doesn’t work they find an other solution? Aren’t antidepressants risky when it comes to being addicted to everyone?

i dunno about remeron in particular but yeah there are definitely meds for depression/anxiety that often have appetite increasing side effects. i'd talk to your doc about possibilities.

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@java in all honesty I feel like antidepressants would f*ck me up more. Medical cannabis has pretty much saved my life. I never thought I would ever say that but it decreases my anxiety (and the depression that can join it) by a lot and helps my appetite without any super crazy side effects.

the cannabis isn't what has caused an eating disorder, if anyone thought thats what i meant; it's the anxiety that I feel may have caused it. It's not that I don't want to eat, I just have to get stoned anytime I want to finish a meal because my appetite sucks..

@TangerineMia I know what you mean.

@tangerineMia, hello there, wow I can't believe it's like reading my own situation. Although I am not sure if I have anorexia? I can go days. Thank the universal for medical cannabis. Now to figure out how to eventually do it on our own :)

welcome to our group. I agree with your post.

I apologize if this posts twice...I got an error message the first time and I don't know if it went through.

I also just want to offer some camaraderie--I can't get online much so I don't know how active I'll be here (this is my first post, I hope it's okay), but I just wanted to say that I understand completely, my anxiety takes my appetite away (I also have chronic Lyme disease and coinfections and the diseases themselves, as well at the treatment) don't help the lack of appetite issue. Honestly if cannabis is helping you, my personal opinion (I'm not a doctor, it's different for everyone) after being on 12+ pills a day of different antidepressants/benzos/antipsychotics/sleep meds etc through the years (up past maximum recommended eating disorder is one big 12+ year piece of the puzzle for me but the OCD and Lyme and coinfections--which can cause it exacerbate mental illnesses--is if you get benefit from cannabis or any herbal, non-pharmaceutical route, and it really helps you and works for you without causing additional problems, AND you have access to it, I would go that route 100% (like I said, this is only my opinion as a sufferer with a very similar issue, not a doctor). Some people need rx psych meds long term, I personally was on a "cocktail" of psych meds that destroyed all of the systems in my body (neurological, immune, GI, and more), so I had to get off of everything and start fresh.

I now only use herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies (for the chronic Lyme disease and multiple coinfections I have, and no matter what anyone says, I've seen proof homeopathics work, not just in a placebo way, but I'm not trying to start that discussion here because I'm only mentioning it as a side note in my healing journey), and as far as rx meds go I take a compounded thyroid medication which has no additional fillers, clonazepam as needed or anxiety and panic attacks/hallucinations (I'm currently taking a maintenance dose due to hallucinations being more frequent as we treat one particular coinfections, the same coinfections that has brought a resurgence of the eating disordered thoughts and symptoms), as well as hydroxyzine (antihistamine) and tizanadine (muscle relaxer) as needed and that seems to be working for me. My only issue with the cannabis for appetite is that if I'm home alone and using it, I can't trust myself to keep bad urges out of my mind after the fact, which in turn sends me down a slippery slope.

I don't know if this is against the forum rules to say, so mods, please tell me if it is, but to avoid giving detail above, can I just say I've been diagnosed with anorexia nervous purging-subtype and leave it at that? So ironically it causes me MORE anxiety if I use cannabis alone...however, once my husband is home from work, we can enjoy an evening together, particularly if I take my clonazepam a little while before vaping to help with my anxiety around food as well as increase my appetite.

I don't know if that made sense or was helpful, your post just caught my eye and I wanted to share my experience. I am in no way downing the use of rx meds (since I'm on a few as needed and one daily), I just think western medicine needs to open its eyes and utilize both pharmaceuticals when necessary and non-pharmaceuticals when not, because a lot of the meds I was on (for "juvenile idiopathic 'we don't know why you have it but you have it' arthritis" which we now know was Lyme et al all along...) just masked my symptoms instead of treating the actual problem. I'll add that I'm glad I have klonopin to take prn though, because anxiety is one thing where I am A.O.K. with masking symptoms of I'm having a panic attack or hallucinations.

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@eclexicographer welcome to the group. I really felt your response. I feel you about the meds. we have to find what works for us.