So my ex husband narc tested me 8 times and called me 5 time

So my ex husband narc texted me 8 times and called me 5 times with an hour because he needed our daughter's ss#. He was texting telling me to answer my phone, etc. I was ignoring him as I didn't feel like I should just jump at his request. I texted him twice and said I didn't have it and would get it to him later. I told him he was harrassing me. He laughed it off and said "oh I am harrassing you when when I am trying to get information about our daughter for insurance purposes? Lol" ... would you consider what he did harrassment?

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Ummmm yes. He was blowing up your phone

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Yes. Boy they have no patience when they want something.

I agree. But yet he always said I am the one who wants what I what when I want.

Absolutely. You are not at his beck and call so he needs to get a grip

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That sure is harrasment especially if you responded and he kept on. Mine did that all the time but to get a straight answer from him took weeks or he would answer with another question. Him blowing up your phone straight up narc behavior don't give in

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A serious narc ..tantrum! So harassing! Glad u kept ..the gray rock approach.... Hang in there:)

YES, mine always answered a question with a question!!

He also sent me this email during that same time with all the texting and calling ... "I need her social before 11 am to finish the enrollment process..... I find it a little ridiculous that we as adults can not talk on the phone or text and be civil to each other. I understand that you are getting ready for work and trying to get three kids ready for the day but a simple reply or response would be nice. Thanks"

@scout2373 Ffs this could be written by mine!! I’d actually say if he knew you were getting ready for work with three small kids and he was normal he’d leave you to get on with it as even super woman would struggle with that task without someone calling over and over! They are all the same - always the drama! Morons

God they are all so annoying my best friend calls my ex the double dialler cos he always has to call back again (and usually again...) if I don't answer?! It is just not normal

You can hate him as much as me :)

oh you should hear the things my best friend says about him. haha.

So how long did it take you to where you were not jealous of his new relationship (in my case new fiancee)? I have no clue why I still feel I lost a good Man. Does this ever go away when you have kids together?

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@scout2373 ha ha my best friend hates mine more than me too! I found it easier to not miss it because the day he hit me I knocked on his ex-girlfriend of six years door (he met her when married to me when our daughter was 9 months old we went on to have a boy three years later but I didn’t know that then obvs just knew she was on the scene in some form) and I guess when we compared notes I knew there was nothing to be jealous of as word for word he treated her the same way as me so I am not jealous now as I know it is all BS you’ll get there and you most definitely did not lose a good man you escaped a moron!!

My ex husband was married for 17 years before me. His wife is deceased so I can't compare notes with her. However, her Mother said that he treated her really good and that he has changed so much since she died? So that makes me wonder if it is just me?

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@scout2373 They do get worse with age though. Don’t doubt yourself.

awhhhh lol I know how multi tasking works. except sometime I can't multi task with 3 little ones lol

@scout2373 correction with three tiny ones you do nothing BUT multi task :slight_smile:

if you are not already a member look up melanie tonia evans an online narc specialist. don't listen to what he's says, watch what he does. and you had every right to tell him he was harassing you because you were right.