So my husband is suffering with ED has been for a while viag

So my husband is suffering with ED has been for a while viagra don’t help, he’s in therapy, we’ve split up I think some of our problems was last of intimacy we use to be very intimate. He’s type 2 diabetic and few other related issues. I feel awful for him but also for myself as I’m constant questioning whether it’s me, really knocked my self esteem

I am sorry, that is awful! However, it isn't like you caused his ED, it sounds like health and other issues contributed. I think it could be really helpful to find your way back to intimacy on your own. There are tons of toys made just for women by women owned companies, you can discreetly shop online or go to a sex toy shop, they are often really well versed and helpful.

Darna... it's not you! I've seen tons of women posts that echo your feelings because of their partners ED issues. With that said it can be pretty painful and frustrating for a guy to get in an intimate situation and can't make things happen. Trimix injections would probably help with his ED?

Agree with the above ☝️ The Type 2 Diabetes is most likely the cause. I also have Type 2 Diabetes and it has hurt blood flow to a few parts of my body. I was recently divorced and not sexually active for a few years so I did not notice immediately. When I did get with the woman I love, we had a problem. It certainly doesn’t sound like it is caused by anything you have done. Men get embark and frustrated by their “member” not working. It’s difficult to put yourself into situations where you will likely fail, so intimacy ultimately dwindles. I’m not saying it’s the right reaction, but we all do it. He should definitely see a urologist that specializes in ED, and I suggest you go with him and show support and interest in helping him get back what’s been lost. My girlfriend (now my wife) was by my side the entire time and it made it all the more rewarding.

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