So my mom is tiny, 85 and has Alzheimer's. Over the past 2 w

So my mom is tiny, 85 and has Alzheimer's. Over the past 2 weeks, we were noticing that she's been seeing people who aren't there, and crying a lot for no reason. I called her Dr. and asked him to call me (which he never did) and told the receptionist these 2 concerns, and that the Dr. had offered a dementia medicine at their last appointment that we were now ready to try. I also asked if there was some sort of sedative we could try. Then later that day, I realized that she is taking prozac and had been out for 2 weeks, which obviously explains the crying episodes, When I called back, the nurse told me that the Dr. said I should take her to the hospital and have her baker acted! I asked him to call me to clear up this information that had gone through 3 people (me to receptionist, to nurse, to Dr.) , and the nurse said that he said if she comes in for her appointment that he is going to baker act her. He has absolutely NO criteria to base this on, but can completely abuse his power and do whatever he wants. I have since registered her with a new Dr. but it doesn't take effect until May since the insurance has to switch over. We have 1 last appointment with the a-hole Dr. via video chat due to the virus, but I feel like we should cancel it. I would love any of your thoughts, opinions or advice. We are living in complete fear until the end of the month.

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I would take her to the hospital i know or think there is apps were you can video chat with doctors but i an not sure the names of them as of right now.

@luna1994 She is 85 years old and has absolutely NO criteria for being baker acted, none whatsoever. Alzheimers is a disease, NOT a mental illness. The point was that she was out of her anti-depressant medication ~ prescribed by this “doctor” nonetheless - hence causing the crying. If you agree with baker acting an 85 year old Alzheimers patient, you need to stay tf off this thread. And the other point is that her Dr. is WAY out of line and a fking ahole. He could have easily looked at her medications and realized what the issue is rather than saying that if she comes in he will just baker act her regardless of her condition at the time. Baker acting my mom would literally kill her. Yah that is great advice to follow the doctor’s order. SMDH.

@jadedangel wow this doctor sounds very scary!There is a book by Kathleen DesMaisons called Potatoes not Prozac not 100% certain thats the exact title but the idea is you can try nutrition to lessen your Moms symptoms until you can get to a new doctor that will listen to you and give the proper advice and treatment.Here is the main concept No Sugar No refined Carbs YES Complex carbs so right now today give her Whole Grain bread,brown rice nuts/seeds oatmeal,fruit sweet potatoes vegetables.It takes time to achieve Prozac like results but I think its worth trying to give her body a chance to naturally calm down maybe stop crying and you will feel better because you are able to physically DO something about this horribly stressful situation.I know its very hard to get things delivered right not but I imagine this book is for sale on Amazon?I wish you well and hope this helps if even a little.Take care

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@Overit86 Thank you so much for the good advice, I will definitely look into this book and nutrition tips for my Mom. I love anything natural that can help. I was able to get her a consult with a psychiatrist and she gave her the prescription we needed also. The doctor is a horrible person! Anyone who would even consider baker acting an 85 year old frail Alzheimers patient who is not suicidal or violent in any way, just sad and out of meds is a horrible person.