So on friday 15 of september I came out to my conservative

So on friday 15 of september I came out to my conservative west african mum. I never thought I'd do it. I literally thought I would wait till I was living on my own, far away but something took over me and ....I did it. As bad as her reaction was, It was better that what I expected. Ofc she thinks is an illness and that is against God, and that she will pray and pray cause the ``battle´´isnt over and the almighty has the final say: she thinks she can pray the gay away. Despite all the bemoaning weeping and shame ( shame is the big issue here) she asked, to try to understand. She knows, as well as I, that my father reaction will be worse and that both side of the family will cast me aside ( thats what people do to gays in my parents country ) and honestly Im more than fine with that.
Me and my mum have quite temper and due to various reasons we havent been speaking for months now, like no ``good morning´´ no telling her when I was leaving home, where I was going etc... now I realize a huge part of my isolation was the anticipation of her reaction and the belief that I was not accepted and seen. The fact that I had to be who they wanted me to be in order to be loved. Its tooooo sooon to say, I mean is Today is just Monday, but since I told her I feel the gap is closing.
My issue is: this year has been realy hard ( I shared my `` story´´ not long ago) Im more aware of my self, my beliefs, emotions, patters, psyche more than I've ever been. Im learning to ask for help when needed, Im stronger but I know that this process/ battle ( coming out ) has just started and its gonna get worse, and I guess I need some support . My mum has been crying and praying since I told her: Denial. Im more than fine with that, its a process and she has the right to go through that I just dont wanna carry her emotions in my bag, if that makes sense. I have got a lot on my plate, and more over I need to be mentally steady for when the rest of the family, including my dad, find out. I could use some advice folks.

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Really proud of you, wish the reaction had been more positive, but you were very brave and courageous!

@CKBlossom thank you very much :slight_smile: