So overwhelmed. I have spent just about all my money, what l

So overwhelmed. I have spent just about all my money, what little I had to begin with. My next paycheck wont cover my remaining bills and i feel like such a failure. Woke up and have just cried on and off all day and it’s all i can think about. Finally made an appointment with my psychiatrist whom i haven’t seen for a few months so thats a good step but i still feel so ****** for what i’ve done to myself. Im embarrassed.

Hey don’t beat yourself up too much. You definitely have to accept responsibility for your actions, choices, behaviors; of course
Is there any way you can return anything you purchased? (I kept tags on clothing and keep receipts whenever possible just for that reason). Maybe if you have your sell something you own to cover your upcoming bills??? Or get a second job??? That will salvage your upcoming financial responsibility.
It helps to figure out the reason behind overspending…
Hope it gets better for u

I get addicted to everything honestly. I have severe depression as well and have replaced one addiction(alcohol) with compulsive spending. I do have a small side business but its costing me more than i am making and i just dont see it getting better. Ironically i sell clothing and accessories which started out as just selling things i already had but now has escalated into shopping to sell things.