So people be raving about Oregano oil like it's gold. I ord

So people be raving about Oregano oil like it's gold. I order this St. John's Wort balm from Greece, was re-upping, because it's so good, and decided to get some Oregano oil from the seller (on etsy). Usually I see Oregano oil at crazy prices but this woman was selling it for like $5 for 2oz. I got it today and put a drop on my tongue. BIG MISTAKE!!! (and a huge learning experience) HOLY COW! IT WENT SYSTEMIC, Intensely traveling down my tongue, making my hiccup... whoa.... I mean, you're not supposed to put the oil like that, undiluted but I didn't think this would result.

So I haven't tried the Oregano Oil on an actual lesion but something tells me that you touch it to the spot and it will do its action all the way up the respective nerve, shutting down whatever hsv activity.

in the beginning of my infection, I experimented with quite a few different herbs. there was a time when I would feel feverish on and off (my temp was normal but I felt hot). I used a tincture of Self-Heal. Self-Heal is an herb that clears heat, clears the lymph, clears toxins and has anti-hsv properties. I used to get swollen throats but things are better now. for the genitals, I used this echinacea goldenseal formula that had st. john's wort in it. magical. I would feel hot, itchy and tingling and this would subdue it so I could sleep. Oh those days were hard on my mind and body.

One level after another, there was always something. My testicles would get a pain within them. I was onto trying an herb called Japanese Knotweed. Japanese Knotweed is one of the major sources for Resveratrol that companies use. In chinese medicine, it moves the blood, particularly in the lower parts of the body and especially in the liver channel. The genitals and the liver channel are intimately associated with each other. I took this and the distending pain in my testicles stopped.

Eventually, I came to St .John's Wort (SJW) and it has been my systemic silver bullet. It's antiviral to HSV and targets nerves. So having an affinity to the nerves that HSV would proliferate from/on, SJW shuts/slows HSV down (depending on how much one takes). SJW also regenerates and strengthens the nerves that HSV had been wearing on. I've never been such a fan of 1 herb as much as I have been of this one but that's because it saved my sanity, healed these paper-cut ulcers on my face, chills out any issues with hsv. mind you, I have HSV1 oral and gen. There's an article that talks about how they use SJW with HSV2 and they have subjects double the dose if they have an outbreak.

During my initial infection, I experimented with homeopathic medicine and was really surprised with the results. Now, homeopathics are the lil' white sugar pills with incredibly small concentrations of the substance within them. The smaller the concentration, the stronger their effect. This is homeopathy theory. As far as I can tell, this is true. Please don't ask me to explain how I feel it true. But the fact that experimenting with different homeopathic remedies helped me in different ways.
-Thuja Occidentalis - it's advertised for warts. Well, warts are viral. upon further research Thuja is antiviral to HSV. Gave it a shot. It worked but wasn't as noticeable as homeopathic zinc.
-Zincum Metallicum (literally homeopathic zinc) - This was surprisingly effective. If I had prodrome, this stopped it!!
-Allium (garlic) - I don't remember if it worked. I think it did somewhat help. hehe, wasn't significant enough to remember.
- There was another one I researched in a homeopathy materia medica that was supposed to be good for herpetic eruptions and it just gave me some stomach cramps.
Take home is that homeopathic Zinc is a good thing to just get and try out. ;)

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I have st. Johns wart in the pill from from gnc can I take these to help with my hsv or is it just the oil?

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@pbshortcake I’m going to copy and paste an article here for you… Apologies for my long posts.

"St John’s Wort
It may be surprising, but this well-known herb for depression is also clinically active against the herpes virus. The probable reason for this activity is the discovery that St John’s wort contains the phytochemicals hypericin and pseudohypericin, which are active at killing viruses containing an envelope (such as the herpes virus).2

A tablet of St. John’s wort dry extract was compared with placebo in patients suffering from recurrent orofacial herpes (trial 1; 94 patients) or genital herpes (trial 2; 110 patients) in two separate double blind, randomized clinical trials.3 For both trials the total observation time was 90 days and patients received 3 tablets a day in symptom-free periods and six tablets a day during skin outbreaks. Each tablet contained 300 mg of dried extract standardized to contain 0.3 percent of hypericin and pseudohypericin. The main measure of efficacy was a symptom score, calculated as a total of the severity ratings of major symptoms (such as presence and number of blisters, intensity of complaints, size of affected area) during the skin outbreak.

The total symptom score was significantly lower in the St. John’s wort group compared with placebo in both trials. Average scores were 20.3 for the herb vs. 32.1 for placebo for trial 1 and 15.6 vs. 29.4 for trial 2. The herb also led to a superior reduction of the number of patients with herpetic episodes (skin sores) in both trials. Individual symptoms were also noticeably improved by the herbal treatment.

The authors commented that the positive outcome was unexpected, because laboratory studies on hypericin indicated that the presence of light was necessary to activate the antiviral effect. (This is despite the fact that many herbalists have been using St. John’s wort extract in this way and enjoying good clinical success.) They also pointed out that their study does not establish a mechanism of action for the herb, which could be antiviral, but might also be acting via the immune system, perhaps in turn mediated by the antidepressant activity."

… The Gaia Herbs brand St. John’s Wort is amazing (it’s a liquid extract in capsules). The article was posted by an herbalist who owns the Medi-Herb supplements company. They sell SJW but it’s in powder form.

I can’t really vouch for the quality of companies that use the powdered herb. When things are mashed/powdered then they’re exposed more to air–>oxidation and overall degradation. I don’t know the harvesting practices of other companies (St. John’s Wort is supposed to be harvested in the middle of June, when it flowers and is most vibrantly alive). Gaia Herbs is based out of North Carolina, they grow and process their own herbs and are very high quality.

But how do you experience hsv? around your period, stress, randomly? SJW will help in many ways but it may not be the ultimate answer in smoothening and/or nourishing your internal terrain.

If you find a good practitioner in Chinese medicine then they can help assess you strengths and weaknesses and balance them out so that outbreaks lessen and/or don’t occur at all.

St. John’s Wort is like this amazing panacea. It’s antiviral, it regenerates damaged nerves and flesh, it boosts the immune system, has a slight analgesic effect,… There are contraindications like increased photosensitivity (UV/sunlight sensitivity) if taking large doses. It also enhances the elimination of drugs from the body, birth control, and is contraindicated to take if also taking neurotropic/antidepressant drugs like paxil, cymbalta, prozac… any of the drugs that mess with the neurotransmitters is a no no with SJW.

But for me, SJW stops the virus, regenerates and strengthens the nerve damage from the virus, and it makes me feel nice. In the beginning, I would take SJW for 5 days at a time and then off for 2-3. back on 5 days, off 3… Now, that things aren’t so active, I take it as needed when things do get active, when I get stressed, worn down… unfortunately, for the past 3 full moons, I’ve had an outbreak so I might prophylactically take SJW around the full moon…

Sorry about dropping all the info on ya like this. hope it helps. feel free to message me if you have any questions.