So sad right now that I could cry. I have the feeling that I

So sad right now that I could cry. I have the feeling that I'm all alone with my problems and that no one would understand. So lost...

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Hi Linda. Welcome to sg. :) You are not alone at all around here. I am here to listen if you'd like to tell us your story.

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Linda, AnonymousMess is right we all are willing to help each other. I will also listen! Hope we can help.

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You're not alone. At the very least, you have everyone here to help you. We'll always listen and help you along the way. We'll never judge you in any way. We care

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Thank you all so, so, so much.
I'm fighting against depressive moods, since I grew up in a family where depression, sadness, fear and hopelessness where daily guests. I'm still processing lots of negative memories and feelings that I have about myself. I always hated myself so much for being there. I hated myself so much because I thought that everything was my fault. I hated myself so much because I thought without me my family would be happy. Today I know that all of this isn't true, but the feelings are still present somewhere inside of me.
I wish so much to overcome the past. I wish to overcome sexual abuse of a former boyfriends, and I wishto overcome all the bad things that I let people do to me and all the bad things I did to myself out of self-hatred. I don't want to be depressive, as no one wants to be.
I'm looking for the way to heal myself and to find somehow peace with myself, with the past and with life.

Linda your post just hit home for me. I never talk about this to anyone before I was physical abused by my mother and sexually abused by a older sibling. I guess that is why when I see certain things on tv it will bother me. I guess I need to come to terms with it. Your post has helped me by realizing a root cause to a lot of my problems.Thank you!

I can't even watch TV, because my mother always spent hours and hours in front of it, just doing the contrast of living: plain existing and being too blind to face the real problems. No one in my family ever wanted to see whather problem was. And when I realized and spoke it out loud, everyone turned against me.

I'm so sorry for you that you had to suffer so much. There is always a reason when we react in a certain way to something. It's worth to have a closer look inside even if it hurts. I'm so glad that my story helped you to realize something. And thank you so much for your response @Mikef01.

I guess Linda we are in the same boat a lot of my family has nothing to do with me. Which has made me a bitter person at times. Try to keep your head up.Hugs!

Are you still a bitter person?
Because one thing I realized is that you can't change others, but you can change yourself and what you think so that you can stop to carry all those negative feelings with you.

I'm trying and I wish you the same.

Some days but for the most part no I try to keep a positive. Otherwise I know that It will consume me.

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