So sad! So depressed! I can't get out of this! I'm sorry

So sad!! So depressed!! I can't get out of this!! I'm sorry but I only know one thing to do!! So I'm I'm gonna do it!! Goodbye!! :'(

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Please don't do it! Call a crisis line or call a loved one. There are always better options! It's hard to see it when you are upset, but you'll come out of it!

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You're so beautiful.

Samantha please don't.

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Please dont

Talk to someone. Don't do this.

@TennisPlayer my crush asked out my best friend and she said yes! Then I got told to kill my self by another friend and it’s just coming down on me like an avalanche!!

I don't think so young lady. Talk this out.

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@Renaissant Premonitionist I think I’ll be okay I just have to cry I guess it’s better than cutting nor killing

glad to hear you're realizing you can get past this without suicide. In the big picture of your life, the events of the day truly will fade, you just have to get through them now.
just for future reference, please put a trigger warning atop posts talking about planning to commit suicide and post them just in the suicide group, that's a rule the site asks us to follow.

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@Northguy oh ok srry I didn’t know about the trigger warning