So stressed out tonight. Step kids do not believe me about

So stressed out tonight. Step kids do not believe me about what husband's will says. They want proof! Help!!! Being a step parent is so hard sometimes. So joyful at other times.

do you have a lawyer than can sit down with the kids and go over the will with them? are they around to see it? hugs to you, we are here for you.

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They live a ways from me. I love them; this hurts me. I always am truthful with everyone. They can see the will...seems one of them wants much more...? $$$ could be the issue. Not any. This adds to my grief. My husband deserves much better!!

I have posted on this site about my problems and have had two wonderful people comment back in over 2 weeks. I have commented on other's comments many times. I feel like I am an almost invisible old widow
I will probably opt out of this site. Thank you to my two kind responders.

@Gayle2016 Hi Gayle2016. I am sorry for your loss and if you need or want someone to talk to, I am always on. I felt the same way but I had 3-4 people responded and was very comforted by them and I would like to return the favor. I will support you so we can PM.

hey hey dont b sad...we all r here for can be that the kids want more $ as u say, but if u true from your heart then dont worry, u will be happy in near is like a roller coaster, it has its ups n downs...dont worry...believe in yourself & if u explain me the past situations of you & your husband, i can discuss with you more...

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My dear hubby passed away Feb. 3, 2016. I have no living children but do have 2 adult stepchildren. Seems I cannot please them. I am doing what my husband states in his will/told me to do. I do not have to give them snything. BUT...I have chosen to give them what they will get should I die. No sense in waiting, I think. I think they/one wants money now. Greed?? Anyway, then I will know that their contact with me will be genuine. I feel sad.

Thanks everyone for your support and comments. I have not heard from them lately. If I don't get their cooperation , then our relationships may be at an end. Sad to think that I have loved them and not been honestly cared for in return. Tough love gets this response sometimes. I still love them anyway.

Thank you for commenting on my post, hollowness. I sometimes get on this site at night...I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't know what "PM" means. My husband was the love of my life (and vs). I have always felt that I could not live without him, but now I must. I will be alright but don't believe that I will ever be truly happy again.

No problem. PM means private or personal message if you want to. I know this for a fact that anyone of us who's on here seeking support have tremendous amount of love for our loved ones. My wife was my everything even at times I don't show it...but deep down..I needed her. I am so weak without her, I am so lost without her. I honestly don't know how I can live on.

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OK, PM is fine.

You have to support me and I have to support you in order for us to PM. I've already supported you.

I just did this. This site is new to me. I'm slowly learning how it works.

Okay, I see your support, but somehow the site doesn't allow me to PM you yet. I'll wait a little bit and see if I can send you a message.

I seem to be "supporting" you numerous times....wonder if it is being sent. Guess it takes a little time to be processed. Will check back later.

Yes I Think so too I can see your support but it won't allow me to send you a message yet. I guess we will wait.

I hope you find some peace I wish I could help I also feel very alone. My kids have their own family and interest and my husband was my best friend and my mom but they are both gone and I do not know how to continue either. I have to believe that there is a plan for people like us, I hope we find it before we give in to our sadness and self pity

Not sure why but SG still won't let me PM you.

Stepkids always take their parent’s side, always!! You are the outsider. I have been in yiur shoes. Leave him if he doesnt support you or get marriage counseling with you. I had to leave. So glad I did. No stress from conflict now. Im healthier now. Best wishes to you whatever you decide to do.

Once the stepson got all that the will stated. Not heard back from them or their kids. So long, fake people!!!