So thankful that holiday is over. The last family member lef

So thankful that holiday is over. The last family member left my house at 1am then I spent two hours cleaning up the mess they left behind. So I finally got to bed at 3am....yay I got four hours of sleep and feel like a truck ran me over. Had another argument with my controlling judgemental mother about flying to visit my boyfriend in England for New Year's Eve. I swear I just can't take much more of her judgmental criticisms about my life choices. She's an expert at making me feel miserable when I do something she doesn't approve of me doing. I just want to scream I'm so angry.

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Be strong and always do what you feel is best ,i come from england so your always welcome here .people tend to control and judge because there lives are not happy .

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@Morgan74 if I do what makes me happy ( going to England) my mother will be unhappy and think I’m disrespecting her by choosing to do something that she disapproves of me doing. So I’ll feel guilty and miserable because I’m hurting my mother.

I'm sorry you had to stay up that late and do so much work. Especially since you did most of the cooking. And then to deal with your mom making you miserable. I hope you have time today to take a nice long nap

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@ColaWars no naps sadly because I’m babysitting my older sister’s two kids all day. So yay for me, three hours of sleep and a whole day with two screaming children. :confused: sigh