So the other day I had a job interview and I was pretty nervSo the other day I had a job interview and I was pretty

So the other day I had a job interview and I was pretty nervous about it which I feel like is normal. I was on my way driving there and I started feeling really stressed about it and only thinking about how bad things would go. I ended up turning around and sitting in a parking lot for a while before going home. I felt horrible about not going and it made me feel sick. Things like this have happened before but not to this extent. I think I was stressed from thing going on at home I was fine the day before. I really need a job but I don't want this same thing to happen before another interview.

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Getting out of your comfort zone is scary. Probably one of the most intense moments for you,will be to keep an interview. Why? Well because anxiety sucks. I have been in your shoes. I once got an interview set up for a week later,only to sit up all night petrified of what it was going to be like. So I didn't go. I later made another attempt. I went. Didn't get the job,but that didn't matter to me. It was a victory I even went. We who have anxiety live off those little moments when we kick anxiety's butt. Point is, you must push yourself to do the hard things. Hard things become easier when you do them. I later got a job at a busy resturaunt,and all those people looking at me become nothing more than that. I didn't care what they thought. Push push push. Never stay "comfortable". :)
P.S Don't beat yourself up over small set backs. Anxiety is hard. One step at a time.

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Thank you that helps a lot. I knew about my interview for about a week as well. I even practiced some interview questions the day before. It wasn't until the next morning when it was getting closer to the time I had to leave that I started getting nervous. It was also a group interview so I was pretty nervous how it would work. Hopefully I can do better when my next chance comes around.

@Dexter005 Something that helped me is not to focus on the interview. Try distracting yourself. I didn’t practice,I didn’t obsess over it. (Well,not,the interview I made it to,and got the job,anyway) I walked in,I smiled and I was myself. Not saying it’s a good idea to not have any preparation,I’m just saying not to dwell. People with anxiety tend to want to control things. So we fear we may lose that control. It’s like we gotta know everything that’s gonna happen. Every scenerio. It’s okay to not know things. Once you accept that,it becomes easier. :slight_smile:

I find even when I try distracting myself I still only focus on the thing bothering me. I'll have to find a better distraction :P And I definitely was going through every scenario on the way to the interview. Maybe my second time will go better like yours did. I have a few application out so I might be getting a call about an interview soon.

Hey! I'm so sorry that you are going through this and that you didn't make it to your interview. You're definitely not alone and this is something that actually happens to a lot of people! The suggestion from @AnonymousMess is a good one - distracting yourself can be a good strategy. Have you ever used any cognitive strategies to combat your anxiety? Basically what they do is calm your sympathetic nervous system (what's causing your anxiety) by activating the part of your brain that requires logical thinking.

A good cognitive strategy is trying to think of 3 countries that start with each letter of the alphabet. For example, starting by naming 3 countries that start with the letter 'A' (Algeria, Angola, Argentina), and then naming 3 countries that start with the letter 'B' (Bolivia, Botswana, Bahamas), and so on. This is the strategy I use, and I find it very effective for calming my anxiety. I use it whenever I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed, or even when I can't get to sleep at night!

You can really use any strategy that works for you. It just needs to require enough brain power that distracts you from what you're feeling anxious about. Then you just need to focus on it as much as possible and keep doing it! You'll get better at it over time too. I hope that helps!

@Like.An.Arrow That's something I've never tried before and I think it might work! I will start trying this and hopefully it helps. Thank you :)

@Dexter005 I hope it helps! If you have any questions or want to talk about anything, feel free to message me!

I will thanks!

I've been to so many interviews that they're no longer a super big deal. Of course I don't get the job because at age 57 --- I'm worthless. It's called age discrimination and it's real. So see -- you're already well ahead of me, with my 30+ years of work experience -- because you're YOUNG and YOUNG is what most employers want. Anyway, if you want to be less nervous, do some mock interviews with people. Dress for the interview and give them LONG lists of questions to ask you --- so they'll conduct the interview in as formal a setting as you can find --- like, does your library have conference rooms? Don't do it at home or their house because that's your comfort zone. Get out into an unfamiliar office like setting -- and make the practice as long as possible. Then afterwards, talk about it. Really, the more practice you get, the better you'll be. I'm finally to the point where I KNOW they won't hire me --- they probably just ask me in for an interview because they have to interview a few old people and cripples just to show they're NOT discriminating against old people and cripples --- but they are. They hire the young, attractive person. Now I don't even want a job. Gonna use my time on 6 months of unemployment benefits to start my own business. I have to apply for 2 jobs a week. If I am forced to go on an interview, I'll go -- but with hope in my heart that I don't get the stupid job. Okay, if I was offered a great job, I'd take it, but I really want to start my own business. Don't sweat the interview so much -- they KNOW you're nervous. Nervous is normal in lots of situations. If you weren't nervous you wouldn't be human.

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@LizaBLUE Practicing interviews could probably help. I am applying somewhere that one of my friends work at(they are a manager) and hopefully they can put a good word in for me. I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business. So I hope it works out for you! I hope to be able to live off selling my artwork eventually.

Feeling anxious before an interview is common. Maybe you should see if you could get a small rx for xanax or something that you could take before you leave. I'm 57 and a retired accountant - retired because after 35 years I can't handle the stress any more and my memory isn't good enough to keep up with the latest changes to the profession. Also retired because the company I worked for the last 17 years moved all their accting to locations where they can get young cheap labor.

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Being brave doesn't mean not having fear -- it means feeling afraid but going forward with what you have to do anyway. When you face your fears, they lose their power over time to make you afraid or nervous. And seriously, check out Etsy. You can list ONE item or no items --- they will never kick you out. And it's a thrill to sell your artwork! I was sure no one ever bought paintings online --- but I have sold paintings. One went to London!! How cool is that? You have nothing to lose. And good luck with the job.

@LizaBLUE Wow that is really amazing. I checked out the site. I would just need to figure out how to price the shipping, which I think I can find on the post site. Maybe I will get a couple of my pieces up there soon.