So tired of being ignored and hurt!

when someone asks you how things are going and you tell them some important information about your daughter having a disorder or improvement with your marriage, etc and you see them go online and talk to others but never reply to you what the **** does that mean????????? why are people so goddamn superficial????????????????? why do people hurt me???????????

Some times what we tell people they don't know how to deal with so they avoid us. Some times peole ask how you are doing but really don't care about the answer. It can help if you let people know that you want to discuss the issue when you do.

then **** them! sorry - i am obviously bitter. the one "friend" obviously asks just to be nice. because if he really cared he would have responded to what i told him - definitely. it hurts sooooo bad. :0(

I am really sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Probably the best thing for you to do is to find one or two real good friends or relatives that you know you can trust. Good, honest, true friends are always there for one another when times get rough. Find someone that you can talk to who will listen to you honestly and be there to help you all that they can. This should be someone who will keep the conversation between the two of you and not go spreading rumors all over town.


it could just be that u dont make it clear u need to discuss this and i agree with shipraider about having a few close people to chat about things with rather than the light weights of life

love D :)

f them all!!!!!