So tired of being told a Bachelors degree in Psychology is useless

So tired of people telling me that a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is basically useless. I decided to switch majors after I graduated earlier this year with an Associates in Education. I’m starting my Bachelors in January and I know a lot of jobs in psychology require at least a Masters, but at this point, I just don’t really feel like doing more school, at least not for the next few years (I may decide to get a Masters in the future so that at least there are more job options, but not right now). Whenever I tell people that I’ll be studying psychology now, they all say that it’s basically useless and it’ll be a lot harder to find jobs if I don’t go to graduate school and now, I’m worried I might not be able to find any jobs.

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The point of going to school is to expand your mind, work in groups, learn to reason and write better and yes, get a job, but a lot of people will get a job outside their degree field and a lot of people will stick to their degree field, what matters is your participation and completion. Sign up for internships, even if they aren’t well paid or paid, see what jobs in the field appeal to you. Don’t listen to people, if this is your passion, then you will find a way forward. -SG

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I got a BA in Liberal Arts because I changed my major. I always found a job and I did go back for a Masters and well, it was fun, but I am not sure it even helped. It just looks nice on my resume. Just do what makes you happy and leave the naysayers in the dust. But instead of listening to them and nodding, go, there are lots of jobs out there and one of them will be mine.

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