So to begin my post a little bit of my back story. I've been

So to begin my post a little bit of my back story. I've been with my husband for 9 years now. He is a type 1 Diabetic and before getting together with him I knew absolutely nothing about diabetes and it didn't help that he was very private about it, telling me it wasn't that big of a deal. So 6 years ago he ended up having a seizure from his diabetes, was hospitalized and ended up being told he was very lucky he didn't fall into a comma and die. After that happened it was my first time really experiencing ED issues with him before I always believed he was tired or stressed but it started happening more often and he couldn't really hide behind an excuse anymore. And since then ED has gotten worse which is normal especially with him getting older and being diabetic but, what I wanted to ask is if anyone else on here is in a similar situation. I'd love to hear from a man's perspective dealing with ED caused by diabetes or a spouse of a diabetic and how you've handled issues in the bedroom.

I am not speaking from personal experience but are there options such as medication he can use that won't negatively affect his diabetes.  Does he acknowledge an issue is occuring in the first place?  

@CKBlossom He has tried medication and it did not help. Unfortunately with diabetes that’s just how it is sometimes (this was told to us by his diabetic doc) He does acknowledge the issue but he also feels very ashamed and kind of hopeless about it so it makes it difficult to talk about.

Try to be supportive and positive about it. ED is mentally debilitating for a guy. Encourage him to see a Urologist about it. If Viagra and Cialis aren't working then consider injections like Trimix or possibly an implant like Coloplast Titan or AMS 700.

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@Bob1974 Thank you for your input!!

Trimix is made at your local compounding pharmacy and is somewhat very affordable compared to the pills. I pay $125 for 10 mL of trimix which for me is probably almost a hundred doses now? Trimix is powerful stuff but does require a good bit of schooling to use it properly. Many rookies end up in the hospital injecting too much and having an erection lasting more than 4 hours. If you don't inject it into the cavernosa tubes then it doesn't work at all and many rookies make the mistake of upping the dosage when it doesn't work because they didn't inject it right to begin with. Trimix is usually the last resort before a guy with ED gets an implant like a Coloplast Titan or AMS 700? If Viagra and Cialis aren't cutting it anymore find a good urologist that can or will prescribe trimix. If you're having trouble finding a urologist perhaps call a compounding pharmacy close to you that makes trimix and ask them for doctors that prescribe it. Trimix is also what these men's clinics use to rip guys off for thousands of dollars sometimes and usually will not give them a prescription for them to get on their own and force them to buy this miracle drug through them even though you can buy it affordably at your local compounding pharmacy that will make it fresh for you. Check out the website or some of my older post about this stuff. If you do your homework and use trimix right it can last for hours allowing you to even go multiple rounds which is huge for somebody with Ed or anybody for that matter. Erections last until the medicine wears off even after you ejaculate

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