So twice in the past month I've had a dream I was seizing an

So twice in the past month I've had a dream I was seizing and woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck and don't want to get out of bed. I usually feel very exhausted for the rest of the day, like my body is heavy and my muscles are tense. Anyone ever experienced this?

anyone had this happen?

Hey, I actually just had a similar experience. When I have seizures typically I wake up and it takes a bit for me to realize what has happened but my shoulders are in terrible pain. This time however it was like a whole body sore and I couldn't shake it. I am seeing my doc on Tuesday to discuss what it is. I can't offer much in the way of answers but I can tell you are not alone and we will both get through it. One step at a time.

Last night I woke up during it, couldn't move my body or open my eyes but I could feel myself shaking. I was also feeling very weak before I fell asleep.

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@StrongAtHeart96 hey how are you doing u ok I’m Matthew I have absences, jerks and tonic clonics

this happens to me every time I have a seizure when I woke up I have no idea what just happen. All I know is that am in a lot of pain can't move my head hurts.

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I also exoirence similar situations where I will be "stuck" in my dream and i will know im asleep, but nomatter what i do i cant move and will try to yell for help but nothing comes out. then typically i would wake up somewhere not in bed to someone screaming at me to wake up

@Matthew2909 I’m doing well I guess. I’m tired, all the time. My body is always fatigued. But I’m living my best life. Carved a pumpkin for Halloween, took me 2 hours.... after I finished I had a horrible headache and it was like everything around me was too loud. This happens when I actually try to get up and do things.

Awww what type of seizures do you have

Complex partial

@StrongAtHeart96 awww how often do you have them and when was your last