So we had a birthday party for my sister in law. She and my

So we had a birthday party for my sister in law. She and my brother in law and my husband and I all roommate together. So long story short there was a variety mouse cake and variety cheesecake. And I'm telling you I tried to avoid them but when I say they were calling my name! I said ok I'll have a slither of each and get it out of my system. So of course a slither turned into a slice and there's still cheesecake in the fridge and everyday I see it like why hasn't someone eaten this yet wtf?? So I've been imagining that there are maggots inside. 2am last night I had a piece. I feel like a slave to this thing smh. I really don't think I can resist. I can go to the market and make great choices and make things with dates but if there is cake or any kind of chocolate in my house I turn into a real fiend. I'm losing it over cheesecake!

try to stay strong. maybe think of this like any other addiction and treat it accordingly

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I know staying off the sweets is very hard. I am having a hard time with it too. Wish I had a sugarfree friend with me 24/7 so we could keep each other on track. I did it for one and one half years so why can't I go a day now?

Why don’t you just throw out the cheesecake?

It's not mine to throw out