So went to emerge again last night

Hello my support buddies!

So, I ended up going to emerge again last night. My supposed pneumonia was not getting any better, probably worse. Turns out I don't have pneumonia though. I have Pleurisy(not sure if that is spelled proper). It is an inflammation of the Pleura surrounding the lung cavity. It hurts like hell!!!!!! Breathing becomes very difficult, heart races, appetite is gone, fever, chills, everything that I had been feeling pretty much. Unfortunately the doctor thinks its a virus and there is nothing I can do to speed up the process of getting rid of it. The only thing I can do is take anti-inflammatory pills to keep the inflammation down.

On top of this I had another shock from the doctor. I had to have x-rays done and when he came back to tell me the results he asked me if I ever have back pain. I told him story of my life!!!! He said that my bones were looking more like those of a 65 year old woman not a 38 year old woman. He said I really need to start taking calcium and vitamin D. I have to think of you Maureen and your post about health effects of ED - all my years of putting my body through the ringer has, I am sure, contributed to this current situation. Another reason for me to take this ED and shove it!!!!!

Well, I have to run, (not literally because I don't think I could breathe enough to last very long!!!!) I am at work and have to get ready for my first class of the day.

Just thought I would give you all an update on my situation. I also have to go see my allergy specialist this afternoon. I am not looking forward to that one.
Love you all.
Big hugs.

dear Shana,
I am so sorry to hear about all this is happening to you. Take it easy please. This may be the most important thing you can do for yourself at the moment. Hope this virus of yours goes away fast and your visit to the allergist goes well. If you can this a good time to practice deferring your attention to yourself and away from the ed thing. You can maybe deal with it later when you physically more able to handle what is going on :)
Take good care of you!
sending Love

Wow Shana, I hope you get better soon!


OMG shana i am so freakinhappy you went to the doctor!!!can you imagine what would have happened if you didnt???

thank so much shana im so happy that 'health effects' post helped you so much. it is so important to know and i am so happy it helped push you to the doctors.

yes shana ED really do affect your bones a lot. mine are totally affected by ED! it is raining now and my joints hurt a lot!!! your body takes from your bones and feeds off your bones when you are not eating....

i am so osoosoo sorry of what happened to your bones. i really am but im happy you are getting it treated. i drink a lot of milk for my joint problems. calcium is a must for bone/joint problems.

i do worry for you and hope you get better soon. remember keep taking yoru calcium pills you dont want your bones to get worse... and eat as much as you can...

shana--what is pleurisy??? im so so sorry you have this and i so wish you a speedy recovery. remember soups and liquids are the best for you. and rest rest rest. i feel bad fro what you are going through. i hope this goes away quickly for you...
do the anti inflammatories help the pain???

wishing you a speedy recovery and also recovery from ED as well so you can be HEALTHY ....



Damage to our bones is unfortunately all too common... I don't know whether I had any trouble; I was never checked for that. I do know that my vitamin D was low, and I'm now taking supplements. I understand that our bodies can't absorb calcium on its own; we need the vitamin D to help with absorbtion. Bones are constantly regenerating. Please don't think for a moment that all is lost... You can make changes now that will greatly impact your future. ♥ It's good to know... I know it's painful and frightening, but at least now you know what you're dealing with...

I hope you start feeling better soon! ♥


Thank you ladies for all the well wishes!!!
I definitely have lots to talk about with my family doctor on the 19th of November.

Maureen, you asked what pleurisy is? Apparently we have a lining around the outside of our lungs. It is called the Pleura. Pleurisy, is the inflammation of this lining. It can be what they call wet or dry. I think the wet means that there is infectious fluid in between the lung and the lining and dry there isn't. You end up with shortness of breath, racing heart, fever, chills, decreased appetite, and in some cases (and I just happen to be one of the lucky ones :)) lots of pain. I couldn't take a deep breath without wanting to scream it hurt so bad.
The doctor told me it was viral so I just have to let it run its course. I have to take advil (an over the counter anti inflammatory) religiously for 3-4 days to help with the pain. And yes it works, thank god!!!! The pain is very bearable now.

I am really hoping it goes away in a week or so. But we will just have to wait and see .

Again, thanks for your well wishes ladies.
I will keep you posted on my situation. I go see my psychiatrist this afternoon. I am looking forward to it I think. I need to vent about all my physical issues!!!

Love ya all,

Wishing you a super speedy recovery!