So what if I'm a freshman? I get that "You can't make your o

So what if I'm a freshman? I get that "You can't make your own decisions," crap all the time. And of course the "Oh you haven't known long enough." Excuse me that ever sense I could dress myself I've never been the little girl mommy always wanted me to be. It's too bad I'm not supported. I can't wait for senior year. I can't wait to get my ****.

I hear you mate. I'm sorry that people aren't being supportive of you, that really sucks. My mum was trying to say to me that I shouldn't do anything til I'm 30... yeah right, like I'm gonna wait that long on the off chance I might change my mind about something I'm sure of (given the ****** system over here it'll probably take nearly that long anyway!).

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Haha yeah, my mom is serious about me not having kids until I’m 30… I want to adopt a baby boy from south america and eventually (hopefully within the same year) have a baby genetically made from my DNA and my hubbies’. Of course given my circumstances I don’t want to physically have one, but I’m also not into women. gives exasperated sigh Life’s weird.