So What's Next

In March of this year I was diagnosed with HL stage3b I was told I needed 6 cycles of chemo which I started in April. After 4 cycles I had a pet scan that showed no activity, but the doc said I needed to complete chemo.About a week after the start of cycle 5 I started to feel short of breath so I told my doc and he ordered a pulmonary function test (I had one before the start of chemo). While I was getting my second treatment of cycle 5 the results came in and it showed a difference from the first one. So now my doc has stopped my chemo until we get the results from a lung ct. Which I should have this week. But now I've notice another lump on the right side of my neck told my doc and he's ordering another pet scan. Could it be returning again so soon? And has anyone else experienced this.

Welcome to supportgroups, I'm sorry to read of all this. Pulmonary problems aren't uncommon in people receiving combination chemotherapy involving bleomycin (I assume you're getting ABVD but even if you're getting BEACOPP or Stanford V you're still receiving bleomycin).

As for the lump you've noticed: your clean PET scan was how long ago, maybe in August some time? It's not impossible, but just thinking in terms of the aggressiveness of any cancer, it seems unlikely that the lump is your disease making a quick comeback. Take a look at the lower half of this thread and you'll see Loly, who had HL and endured treatment and who is in remission, yet at one point felt a new lump, like you. However, in this thread she reports that the mystery lump turned out to be nothing.


Thanks Ross you're right my treatments are ABVD and I forgot to mention the numbness and pain in my hands and feet. My hand especially the right hand is the worst. I was wondering if anyone has this also,with one side worse than the other. And I really hope this lump is nothing but I will post when all of my test results are back. I'm also diabetic like Loly. I've been looking for info about the effects of HL and diabetes did'nt find too much. I would love any input about this.

Hi Ms. p
Yes, the numbness in your feet and fingers are normal with the chemo. It is call neuropathy. I was warned this would or could happen to me too with ABVD treatments. And it has!
Good luck with your scans.

Thanks Ddreal,
I knew I might experience the neuropathy I was wondering if anyone felt it worse on one side more than the other. And I wanted to know if anyone had different reactions to the HL or chemo because they were diabetic when they were diagnosed.

Ms.P, I'm new to this group and was just reading some posts and came across yours. Yes I too have the neuropathy, it started after the second round of six treatments. Once I completed the third treatment it became more pronounced as well as the nails turning gray at the beds. It does not stay numb constantly,just more of a nuisance. I usually try to squeeze balls in both hands to get back the sensation and it usually works.

Take care!

Thanks Daynal. My nails turned a coffee brown color and my numbness has pain also, but I'm dealing with it. How is everything else with you?

Ms.P, for the most part I am okay... I'm learning to block out the negative things and people around me and keep my mind positive so I can heal better. I feel like my family just does not understand what I truly feel, almost like they down play whats going on, but its real----this has changed my life forever. Sometimes I feel the depression bothers me more than the side effects. I continue to pray for peace through this all How are you feeling through this?

We're going through the same thing I'm having the same reaction from my family and I was doing good with the depression until I started having all these side effects from the chemo. Now I have the neuropathy and restrictive airway disease,the ct they took to find out what was wrong with my lungs discovered a lymph node in my chest, now I'm fighting this depression thats trying to raise its ugly head. I'm praying also. Keep in touch.

Ms.P, I am so sorry to hear about the breathing issue. What is the plan of action the doctor will do? Is it going to stop your scheduled chemo treatments? I am definitely going to keep you in my prayers~~~ I know you will be okay and you hold on, know and believe that yourself. GOD has you and don't think anything less>*_*<

My treatments stopped when my second lung function test came back showing some damage I was down to my last cycle of chemo, the results of that test lead to me seeing the pulmonologist and getting the ct ect... So now I go see my oncologist again with the ct result to see what he thinks and what happens next for the lung disease they gave me prednisone pills.Will let you know tomorrow