So yesterday I posted asking how to tell this guy that I hav

So yesterday I posted asking how to tell this guy that I have herpes. I did it through text because I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable while we were hanging out and I just dropped this bomb on him. I explained that my ex had cheated on me and that's how I had gotten it and that I'm taking medication and that I would understand if he didn't want to be involved with him. He took it fairly well considering the circumstances with us. He said he needed time to figure out if he was willing to take the risk and have sex with me, but that we can still chill and hang out. It was a much better response than what I was anticipating.

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I am glad to hear it went better than expected! Keep us updated!

I applaud you. Very responsible

Good work... i did the same with my current partner... he will do his research and realise its not that bad...
This will stop heart break... because if you left it until later to tell them( and by that point you may have feelings for them) and they decided to run... that hurts alot more

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it does happen people don't necessarily bolt from the gate and run the other way

Great job!

Update: So after I told him he had said all of this he did his own research but was given false information, I tried to correct him and give him the proper information but he had already made up his mind by that point. I'm not upset by this, I felt that I did it at the appropriate time so that neither of us were too involved where we would become "heart-broken". You win some and you lose some. I'm just happy that the first guy I told didn't respond in a negative way

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Shame. Maybe give him time and try to talk again and give him cirrect info. Explain you arent trying to change his mind but want to clarify.