Softball sized mass removed and metastatic masses in the liver

My family just had the wind knocked out of us with the diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer in my Mother. She is a 68 yr old with no medical history..... Now it seems like all hell is breaking loose with all these Doctors and all their opinions, but no straight and level answers. The main tumor was removed and found to be the overall size of a softball, but there are still masses on her liver that are going to be "fought". Does anyone know the chances of recovery and quality of life expectations if she goes thru all this really bad sounding Chemo therapy? There are just so many questions that keep running thru my head and I have been looking online to find a bunch of info that is vague...

I find government webistes and hospitals that specialize in treating cancer sites (Sloan, MD Anderson, etc.) have the best and most concise information available. Here is a good overview of the disease as well as treatments available:

As to her care, you need to find an oncologist you truly trust to oversee her care. He/She will be named her main specialist and all information and treatment will be overseen by them, therefore eliminating further confusion. The medical system can be scary and overwhelming, but if you can find a team you trust, I promise things will go smoother. Advocate for her and do your own research, though ultimately she needs to decide what she wants to do, it is her body and her choice.

Here is some good information outlining holistic treatments for colon cancer that can be used in conjunction with standard cancer treatment,

Message me anytime if you are in need of support on this very difficult path.


Thank you for your response ck. I am going to get on those sights asa I get home. I'm going to her house and cleaning it top to bottom today since she is still post-op and cannot herself and I feel she needs to rest anyway for her next fight. I will keep posting as things progress and would love your input as an outsider. Thank you again.

I can only tell you my experience and I hope it gives you some insight on at least one person's story. My Mom received the stage 4 diagnosis in early '07 when she was rushed into surgery to remove a grapefruit sized mass. This is when she was given the news and soon after that had to have a colostomy bag placed and the chemo started. She was 57-58 at the time. Non smoker, non drinker and hadn't eaten red meat for years..she was a healthy person all around so it was a shock! Anyways my mom passed away Dec 2011 after 4 years of progressively fighting the cancer. Her dream was to have the colostomy reversed one day and beat the disease all together. I was a naive 27 year old with kids and didn't question anything because she would get upset if we didn't think positively about it. She went to the best specialists, did chemo, and tried the mind over matter philosophy, and diet changes, etc but the cancer was too strong and started spreading to other places. In the matter of a few weeks (after four year with cancer), she got very weak and uncomfortable which she never spoke of pain and never took pain meds. She went from bad to worse in s couple weeks and passed away in her home on hospice care and with family. The best thing is to love love and live as much as possible, speak realistically and use the time you have to make grand memories. If your mom does beat this, you'll have an even stronger bond as you've gotten closer but should she not (I pray for the former), then you will all be better for the extra love and time spent to make her happy and content. Lots of love and luck to you and your mom!

Thank you for your story Lucky....and i'm sorry for your loss. My mom started chemo a couple weeks ago and seems to be handeling it pretty well. She did have the benefit of not having a colostomy placed due to their being able to resect the transverse colon. On her PET scan they noted 4 other nodules on her liver and they are working to get those now. She is on Folfiri and avastin. I am working hard to keep her spirits up, because I feel that a positive attitude helps with the outcome also. I AM a realist and believe in modern medicine but also know the mind plays a huge part in the process. My mom called yesterday after her second therapy and bragged that she gained a pound, so that made me happy. She doesn't have as much to lose as she believes. She had a little nausea that Zofran knocked out luckily. Thanks for your kind words and I will try to remember to keep posting progress reports whenever I can. It does feel good to be able to get stuff of my chest and out of my busy mind.. lol Take care

just found out my kids father has stage 4 colon cancer so many questions iv had brain and bone but first time colon in my family.i need to find out all i can for my kids if anyone can help please let me know

My husband has colon rectal cancer, with 4 lesions on the liver, he has had an ileostomey, and then chemo, it shrank the lesions enough that he had them removed last week, he is recovering niceley. I think attitude is a key factor in the recovery. He is 49 and had no illness until this happened. Im here if you need a friend.

I'm sorry to hear about your Husband Sassy and Ex Michelle. This has been a long journey for me and my Parents. I was able to talk her into Chemo and we had great results and she went into "remission"..... Well that lasted about 6 months, even tho she was on a every 2 week maintenance of Avastin, they found that her Liver Lesions had grown and multiplied again and it had also metastasized to both lungs. :-( I was able to get her to reluctantly go for chemo again but have been supporting her and if/when she decides shes done i will have to honor her wishes. I know that she has quite a bit of time left if she keeps up the chemo regimine but she is very symptomatic and gets very mentally beat down. She is tired of feeling like ****, in her head she isnt sick feeling til the chemo treatments and has wanted to quit in the hopes for quality over quantity of life. Luckily i have medical training and I can keep her as healthy as I can with the help of her oncologist that gives me pretty much what I need to help her. Now it is just live every day as if it is your last and try to keep our chins up..... At least I can show my love by being here to cook and clean for her, so she really can enjoy as much as possible. Best wishes and I hope everything continues to go as good as possible for everyones loved ones or "ex loved ones" (lol @ ex loved ones, just sounds funny)... I'm here if anyone wants to share stories more.

That is all you can do be there and be supportive. Sometimes mentally it’s worse on us than them. We have to stay strong. I know that I have told my husband I will support whatever decisions he makes, quality of life is very important to him, after his surgery he says no more surgery. Hopefully they will put him on maintance chemo. and he will do as well as he has so far.
Sometimes it is hard for me to even get out of bed and come to work, but then I think if he can get up and live each day to it’s fullest so can I :slight_smile: You keep your spirits up and know you have a friend.