Some days are so hard to still be living in the same house t

Some days are so hard to still be living in the same house the affair occurred. Unfortunately moving is not in the near future. Anyone else is this situation... How do you just let that part go?

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I guess it depends on what your plans are. Are you staying with your spouse? My husband and I are getting a divorce, we live in the same house because I'm a stay at home mom with zero income and have no place to go, and he continues to cheat. I've learned to sort of separate myself a little bit, otherwise I get really depressed and I have too much going on to let that happen.

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@lizziem333 I am w my husband. He has given up that part of his life but it just can be icky at times thinking about what went on.

Yup. Their first time was on my couch while my babies were upstairs sleeping. Disgusting. I have gotten a new couch (crappy and a thrift store find, but different at least) but I can't rearrange the furniture because of the way the room is built, so even sitting on the new couch can trigger me if I'm not diligent in controlling my thoughts. We had just resigned our contract (we rent) in sept, so I am stuck here for a whole year. I dread summer when the majority of the affair took place. I'm sure being in the same place, doing the same sorts of summer activities with my kids as last year when he was out constantly with her is going to be horrendous. We are R, but it doesn't make it any better. My only advice is trying to control your thoughts when in those areas of the house it took place at. Don't let it wander to the affair. If you have kids maybe switch bedrooms with them, even if it does mean having a smaller room. I feel you so much on this. It's awful.

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I'm in the same boat. My wife did it with him In our home. We bought this home because it was perfect for us. The home and neighborhood we'd wanted to live in. I loved so many things about this home. Now it's hard to walk through it without imagining things that happened here. Very depressing. Can't move either. Won't do that to my kids. Hoping and praying, that in time, new memories and traditions will outweigh these visions.

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