Some people are so rude

I have been removing my triggers from my life to help beat my addiction. I feel silly sometimes treating it like its alcohol or drugs but i know i shouldnt. Well i said earlier that i was removing my ebay account. Well i of course have been busy with work and life with my family and also pregnant so i am super busy. Well i had to refund money to some buyers since i was deleting my accuont. NO big deal like 9 dollars of stuff. Very minor! so i gotten an email from the buyer asking about the item and i politely stated that i was canceling my ebay account for personal reasons but would either one ship the item or refund the money no questions asked. Easy... well i had a crazy day at work and a sick child so i didnt get around to it till today. I refunded their money the 9 dollars and went on my way to do other things for it to try to get off ebay. It takes a lot of work. Well i had gotten an email before i refunded the money from the buyer not happy that they hadnt gotten their money and i said sorry just refunded it and sorry for the problems it has caused if any and that i really was removing my accuont but had to wait for things with custromer service That i had some personal issues to deal with and left it at athat. I got an email back saying "welcome to the real world" i just thought that is so mean and especially over 9 dollars. All i said was i was busy with work and family and deleting the accutn that i hadnt gotten around to refunding the money in as fast as i wanted. I jsut think that is so rude and especially becuase they dont know me and what if it was something really bad that had happened. I just thikn its people like that who make it so tough on people with any kind of personal issues and demons. They just dont understand and dont want to be nice. I have no idea why it is really makign me upset but i am almost in tears because of some random person for 9 dollars. I am only trying to better myself and beat the past demons. I am sorry this person is so perfect and has a perfect life. Just upsetting to me and i am sorry for venting but i hope someone can comment on this.

There is a saying: misery loves company. They are miserable, they want you to be miserable. Nowadays, people forgot to have a respect, understanding and compassion, very sad. God bless you.

Thank you Marcie that is so sweet and made me feel so much better. I was upset about this person who was so rude and i didnt even know them. Thanks