Some people have no filter. Like tbh if someone has acne why

Some people have no filter. Like tbh if someone has acne why point it out and say, "wow you have a lot of acne." Like do you think I dont know that?

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They say it because from their point of view it's abnormal, and from your view it's normal and you already know that long time ago. Just understand that there are people out there who don't understand you. Most of the time dumb, low educated and inconsiderate people are the ones who bluntly say this thing, because they don't have the brains to have the consideration and understanding in knowing on how this would hurt someone else. That said "*hugs*" i feel sorry for what you are going through.

So true, also I hate when my mom tells me:"nice spot you got there!" Maybe in front of the whole family... what the hell why would she say something like that? I already feel bad for myself why would you bring that up? To make me feel worse? God I hope it will be over soon, even if i already know it won't...

Yes exactly. And it hurts so bad

Didn't matter. When you're old, everyone will look the same anyway. When you die and go to heaven, you don't have a face, just a soul.

@Ashwhole dude heaven doesn’t exist, mankind has created all this fictionary bullshit just to answer questions we weren’t or we aren’t able to answer right now. Don’t say shit like that because, at least in my opinion, it doesn’t help…