Somebody please say something comforting that I would say ri

Somebody please say something comforting that I would say right now. I'm driving through an area that made me think of the man who I seriously fell hard for, like soul mate kind of stuff, feelings like I hadn't felt since I was dating my husband in high school. When I dropped the H bomb it ended. Just like that. I know all of the rational things I should be able to tell myself and have, just right now I want to curl up and cry. And I'm in a bus full of people on my way to somewhere fun. I don't want to think about him. I have been doing soooo good. I don't want to fall back into self-pity over hsv.

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Hey girl! You are a strong beautiful woman and you deserve some crazy fun tonight!!! Focus on having a good time - I am going to bite the bullet and replace old memories with new ones tonight. Do not let any place be off limits emotionally to you! So flash that smile of yours to all the bus people - nothing, not even hsv can stop you :)

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@Gingers2435 …this did it for me. You’re awesome : )

I had a similar thing happened to me and I still care about that person although there was never going to be a relationship with him but we spent a good amount of time together but the way I see it is that he has the right to choose and he was concerned about his health and I'm not going to feel sorry for myself because of it because I can't change it and that's 1 of my biggest mottos you have to let go of things you can't change. think about the good times you had with that person as opposed to now not being with that person and it might put a smile on your face.

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You are brilliant to write a message here instead of just sitting there on the bus feeling awful! Keep writing!

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@L2015 thanks! It pulled mw through, distracted me and I’m hitting the reset button.

@TennisPlayer thank you!

Thank you so much everyone. You fixed me up. I survived be bus and inky choked back a few tears before a short nap. @gingers thank you sooo much, made me smile, so glad to hear your great attitude tonight and yes I am going to just have fun tonight. I will smile, hope you are too. @ lisajd, I know, I know, and I was counting on you to remind me of the mantra ☺ . Thank you! And yrs, it was a party bus to a casino in Reno, NV. I will report good things tomorrow with your good thoughts for me.

You deserve to be happy don't let this keep you from that, life is too short

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Every moment of every day day is an opportunity to be with the present moment. Obsolete memories that project themselves in your mind need not be illumined. Don't even power that light. Replace it to focus on something else. Or if they are something that keep coming up then work with them. Mull them over. Transform your perception of them so they roll off ya. But don't get too distracted from being present with the ever-approaching magic of life. :) It's not over. So many frames left in this life and beyond.

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If it wasn't weird to say I love you guys, I would say it. Lol. I will just say thank you though, since it would be weird. Ha. And I so appreciate your words of encouragement. Its about 5:30am in Reno, NV and I just got in. Omg. Amazing night with family, friends and new totally unexpected "interest". I won't let myself get caught up in a fantasy but you all told me to have fun and just enjoy the moment like I tell everyone else, and, well, it worked. Met the sweetest man tonight. I even felt comfortable enough to disclose. If you had experienced this evening with me you would understand why I did. And you know what, he didn't care, he's accepting. I'm floored. Again, I'm not gonna get wrapped up in this, ill take it for what it was, a wonderful and hopeful night, but I'm gonna ride the wave and let myself feel the aura of positivity and hope for the future. Good night/morning and God Bless.

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@hsphss Yay! I’m so glad you had a great time :). And you are an incredible person, so know that this ‘person of interest’ was more blessed to have met YOU! Who you are is so much more than what you disclosed. Have a great weekend - inspire us that we can go beyond getting over our pain and soar!

Keep your head up.. talk to Jesus He will make you feel so much better

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are you okay?

@Ck80211 …i am much better. Thank you. I got past it and moved on.

glad you're doing better

Thank you both. What I do to combat that feeling like I'm about to explode is I write. I write out what I'm thinking at that very moment. Or even something as simple as oh my gosh, I'm going to fall apart, right now, ugggh, I hate this feeling, no, I'm tired of falling apart, etc. Etc. Anything to distract me from the sensation of how I feel. Sounds crazy but it works. The other day I came to you guys to do that for me. Instead of letting the ball of fire in my chest continue to roll downhill and build more heat I asked for your words to distract me. It forces me to go back online and look for your comments to formulate an answer about the situation instead of being consumed im how it FEELS. Then I hit the reset button and do something enjoyable.

@hsphss hey im glad u’re feeling better. Can you support me back please ?