Somebody please talk to me. The OBGYN today told me I mostlSomebody please talk to me. The OBGYN today told me I

Somebody please talk to me.
The OBGYN today told me I mostly likely, realistically, have herpes 2. Not 100% sure without the bloodtest. I had went on Monday, thinking it was a yeast infection, and the OBGYN agreed that it was just a yeast infection and so, I was put on medication. I did irritate myself down there a lot, a lot of rubbing and scratching before I went back to the OBGYN today. Could there be ANY possibility that these sores are from that? I did get a sore around my rectal area too, but I know some yeast infections spread to the anus?
I'm so overwhelmed. I haven't stopped crying. I'm half in denial, half hoping that this is all a mistake, that there is no way this could have happened to me.
But also knowing...I have sores on my genitals, one around my anus, and a swollen lymph node or gland or SOMETHING around my groin. Realistically...this is herpes.
How do you live life after this? I'm only 21, and I know some people have it worse, and this isn't the worst that can happen, but I can't deal with this. I can't have this for the rest of my life. I rather not even live it then, you know? Someone please talk to me, I'm so scared. I don't know what to do.

The sores will heal and hopefully your mental state, your immune system and whatever course of treatment the doctor advises will keep outbreaks to a minimum.
Yes, you'll carry the virus and the responsibility that comes with it for the rest of your life, but it'll just be like any life-long condition. If you wear contact lenses, you need to properly clean them, if you have diabetes you have to adjust your lifestyle and take medication, if (like me) you're born with clubbed feet you might never wear stillettos (now, that's one thing I am personally grateful for). You're still a perfectly loveable huggable human being.

it's hard at first. If this is HSV then it's hsv. You can't go back from this, unfortunately. You're young and strong and you're going to work through this. This beginning/initiation phase is just that, a phase. I promise it'll get better. ... But you he to put in the work to get over and cope w it. It's going be a blessing as much as you feel it a curse. But stay strong and optimistic w it. You're in the worst part right now and it'll be better in a bit

I can't look at anyone in the face. I'm an open person, but I feel like this is something I just don't know how to disclose this to anyone, but I feel explosive walking around carrying this secret. What if this could be a mistake? My bloodtest is Saturday. I'm still hoping with all my might that somehow this isn't happening and I'll come back negative for herpes. The worst part is I know it in me that, that isn't true.

even if it is the case you will find that it is not such a big thing it is only your mind that is thinking that it is such a nasty illness it is not a disease you are not a leper you are still the same person. the key to being able to be ok with this is keeping outbreaks at bay which means a healthy immune system