Someone anonymously called CPS today. They just left. I'v

Someone anonymously called CPS today. They just left.

I've been played.

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That is messed up. I hope all went well with the CPS visit. How much crap can one dish out? Why do people want to hurt us beyond anything. How heartless can so people be? I take it you must have a idea who could have done this.

Well I rebuilt the relationship with the kids over the weekend and requested their report cards last night.
Today CPS is banning their visits

Only 11 people knew, 2 of us live here, 2 are my kids and 2 are my siblings.
Easy math.

That is an old trick of the Ex mine called CPS so many times that when the girls spoke up I was given full physical & legal custody. CPS doesn't like to be lied t. If it's a BS demand the investigate. Show up to all meetings and this is VERY VERY VERY important call the CPS caseworker every single day. Call them till they hate hearing your name. It shows you want it to be solved because you are the good guy doing nothing wrong. I am a CPS champ. Last 2 times my girls M called them she had her custody taken for abuse and next time she lost all communication and legal say.
You are in PA right? I have a lot of good info if you want to IM me

I got some eerily strange news today.
I called the CPS office to speak with the supervisor of the worker that showed up. I re-explained and what the younger of the two told me about being uncomfortable with the bf around.
So the guy starts by telling me that when I called and left the voicemail, Monday or Tuesday of last week that the agent must've called the CPS in the county where the kids were, they sent an agent to the ex's apt, then got my contact info and dispatched an agent from my county to check on the report that was filed by 'anonymous'. The supervisor couldn't wrap his head around that I didn't leave any info about where the ex lives, the kids, my address. Nothing. I try explaining this 3 separate times.
He tells me several times that the report was anonymous. I tell him that I called (Mary) on Monday or Tuesday and I never mentioned anything in the report and the info was 95% wrong. That the origin was not my phone call.
After a lengthy debate I told him about the concerns I had about the near drowning and subsequent lying and diminutive attitude by the ex in response to the YMCA. I told him my daughter felt that she was uncomfortable and he gave me the number to CPS in their county.
I call and a few minutes later I'm talking to the case worker for the file that was anonymously opened. It didn't start with my call, someone else called their county.
So I give her the same history and voila! I told her that I'm the one that plead with the ex to get the kids out, found the apt, stocked it with food. She told the ex earlier in the day that it is HER responsibility to make sure that the kids aren't coming to the house this weekend and if they do, she's getting booked for endangerment. The worker also said that we need a mediation so that it can be documented that I'm meant to be on the kids records, activities and grades for school. I told her that it was in the decree and she couldn't fathom why the ex wouldn't listen to the order.

-- Update --
The ex finally contacted me today to tell me that if I want to see the kids this weekend that she needs proof that I'm not taking them to the house.
The ensuing sparring match led her to tell me that she wanted receipts for the hotel room (inaccessible before you stay and pay). Also, I mentioned that it's messed up that it took from 4pm Sunday to get back to me about them staying or denying me my visit.
I informed the ex that I spoke to CPS on Monday and had been waiting for her to communicate with me. Also that I told CPS then, that I have hotels reserved. I told the ex that I was staying in a suburb of the city on the first night and in the city on the second. Ex then tells me that she wants addresses and the names of the hotels.
Here's the thing about proof.. I could reserve a room in every hotel in the area and give her 1 address but not check in there. I could reserve a room and bring the kids here and she wouldn't know unless someone checked.
-Proof is after the action has taken place.-
Now, the duality of this is, that if I lay out all of my details, what's to stop her from calling and cancelling the room? What's to stop her from having me reported anonymously to the police for bringing them here and me not being here or calling CPS too?
I informed her that when I spoke to CPS and informed the agent, the agent told me that all I was required to do is say that I have other plans. That there isn't a problem telling the ex the locale either.
So the ex then asks if by 'city', if I mean Pittsburgh and that it could mean any city. I pointed out that our divorce decree stipulates that my pick-up and drop-off are certain but what goes on, on the visits is my business. I can take them anywhere I want as long as they are back when they are meant to be.
I asked her if she thought I was moving with them or kidnapping them and she replied no, but that she's responsible for making sure that they don't come to the house.
I told her that I am accepting responsibility for this weekends lodging and that she was absolved of any wrongdoing. Ex replies "I now have to make sure you are not taking them to your house is all... until you sell it and give me a new address."
I then inform her that according to our paperwork, I'm not required to give her a new address, just that I'm moving, unless I'm taking the kids with me or they are visiting.
I tell the ex that CPS is closed for Veteran's Day, and that I will call the case worker tomorrow and have them verify the reservations.

Why must I continue to bend over backwards? I have to give her my life's info to verify the kids are safe so she doesn't get into trouble, but she moves a stranger into my kids primary residence a month after the divorce is final?

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