Someone told me that my ed may be linked to my past mistake

Someone told me that my ed may be linked to my past mistake or guilt. How do i solve this problem

Figuring out ED can be tricky because there are so many possible causes. Could be Medical. Prostrate? How old are you? Could be related to meds. Could be emotional, anxiety, stress, relationship issues. Lifestyle... do you drink a lot of alcohol? Do drugs Lots of possibilities, really. Take one step at a time. Process of elimination. 1st talk to doctor and get a medical evaluation, then go from there. Try not to think the worst. If you look it up online you'll see that not only is it very common it is, in most cases, very treatable.

Doctor thinks its emotional, i dont drink, dont smoke, dont do drugs. The doctor said viagra, or consultation...

@Jlcjp Okay, if Dr. Believes emotional, then I’d suggest talking to a therapist. Porobably someone who specializes in ED. Have you ever read any online articles about how stress, anxiety and emotions effect ED? My ex experienced it, but he wasn’t comfortable talking about it. I hear that’s common. Unfortunately, if you’re not willing to talk about it with someone who has experience with emotional ED, you probably won’t get very far. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman that I just don’t get it, but if my… parts… Weren’t working properly, I’d be all about talking to someone to fix it. Underlying emotional issues can play havoc on your body be in many ways. Could be a simple fix like meditation… Exercise… Worth a try in my book. Good luck. Hope you find some answers and an easy solution.

My ED starts when i was 27, my first date, and now im 43. Besides that, i ejaculate fast, especially after i broke up with my ex t3n years ago

Thanx alot jfoto44, i appreciate your suggestions

@Jlcjp You’re very welcome. I wish my ex would have been more open to fixing the issue instead of ignoring it. Made me feel like it was me. Although he had many issues, alcoholic, emotional… He did eventually get diagnosed with a prostrate issue as well, when he finally relented and spoke with Dr. Seems silly to me for a grown man to be embarrassed to speak to, not only wife… But Drs about this kind of thing. Best of luck. Would be interested to hear how it goes, if not too personal to share.