Someone whos understanding

I'm young. I'm 20 years old and since I was 12 Yeats old I was told about my difficulties I would have conceiving a child. I went to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery on my left ovary for an ovarian cyst that I had. Surgery went fine, except the doctor told me if it ever came back I would have to have a total hysterectomy. Bring 12 I understood what a hysterectomy was but I didn't grasp what not being able to get pregnant later in life would do to me. Then in early August I went to the ER again only this time it was my right ovary. I have a great doctor who informed me he won't ever tell me I can't have children unless He gives me a hysterectomy himself, but then I was diagnosied with endometreosis. All of this feels Luke its happening at once and I don't have anyone who cab relate to how o feel. I feel like joining a group Is my last option for staying sain.

You are in my prayers. If you can, have a second opinion before any decision. Have faith and say a prayer. God bless you.