Someone wished me a happy Valentine's day. I guess they forg

Someone wished me a happy Valentine's day. I guess they forgot that I was single. Did not bother me one bit. I never really understood valentine's day tbh. Why do you have to wait one day out of the year to buy your s.o. candy, flowers, etc., show them your appreciation? Is it just me who thinks this way?

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So agree xo

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It's like all the other holiday's christmas, thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc. Corporate greed day's they hype up our mood for these day's by pushing movies, songs etc although out the time frames they wish to make $$ look to see how many month's don't have some holiday within it!

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@Stony369 some holidays are good. Agree with you and they make their money.

I think it's a commercial holiday so that stores can sell stuff and make profit. I personally don't care and dislikes it.

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We should make a holiday lol

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I don't consider anything a holiday unless I get the day off. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

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@MsRobot Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

My friends call it National Singles Day. My boyfriend and I don't celebrate it because we don't see the point in it either.

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Not to put a damper on things for those who do believe.. The original Saint Valentinus was only doing his job.. as a Christian Saint, he ministered to those persecuted under the Roman Empire, marrying soldiers who were forbidden from doing so... He tried turning the emperor to his faith, angering him and getting imprisoned. Said to have performed a miracle by curing the jailor's daughter of blindness, the exaggerated tales told by the likes of Chauser had him writing to that girl a letter professing love and signed "from your Valentine"... Thus was born the many versions of Valentines day! It has nothing to do with lovers... As many have pointed out.. It's a commercial play at generating profit! You don't need a single day picked out to tell someone you care that they are special.. and, leave the rest of the population feeling left out... Personally.. It's just another day! This was just FYI! :)

@Phoenix72 that’s interesting! I didn’t know that!

Personally, I take it as a celebration of all love, romantic or otherwise. I mean, do you wish your family a happy Valentine's Day? Maybe you should!

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@theworst No, I don’t. It’s not that I don’t love my family, it’s just that they take advantage of my good nature. Maybe I’m to kind or just weak and need to get stronger. They also emotionally and mentally abuse me. But I still love them.

It's actually not that bad in the job scene. I know because I've been job shopping. Anyone can find a job--entry level or above. If you don't mind, what age range are you? Why are you being forced to take care of your nephew. This sounds like an especially awful situation to be in.

@theworst it is for me, I’ve been looking for almost 3 years. I’m 27 been taking care of him since I was 13. I guess because I’m the only one with out a job? Idk. It is difficult, but at least I know he’s being raised right. I talk to him and teaching him to be a better man. I know he looks up to his “dad”, but I want him to be better. His “dad” is a terrible person. I don’t tell him that, but he knows I’m trying to raise him better. Hope he becomes better, I really do dislike his “dad”, my “brother”.

Also, I know that Valentine's Day is over, but there are people who will appreciate you and be your Valentine anyway. You are worth love and (at least to me) seem like a caring person who is very supportive. I might not know the whole story, but it doesn't seem like you should be responsible for someone who is *not your child*.

@theworst thank you, I lost the will to love again. Last woman I loved really broke my heart and filled it with anger. I do care a whole lot, maybe that’s my problem, idk. It’s a long story, but I know he needs me and like I said I’ve been taking care of him since I was 13. In many ways I do feel like I’m the father. It’s a nice feeling but also depressing one.

If it's not too much, would you like to talk about it? The heartbreak or your cousin in general. I understand if I'm asking too much.

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@theworst my cousin?

Yeah, like what kind of person would you like him to be? Where would you like to see him in 10 years? I mean, morally, you're probably a good role model for him, but what about getting to see him go to college or do what he wants to do? I mean, you want to see him follow his dreams and be successful, right Mr. Kazekage--er... Brightside?