Something that may uplift you

I am no stranger to feeling bad about myself. And so to feel good about myself one day i decided I was going to have a lovely shower where I would give myself a good body brush. I felt so good after that...the next day I did a home facial with bits I found from the cupboard.

Then having realised I don't actually spend that much time on me for someone that worries about appearance all the time. I started looking at make up tutorials online (easily found on youtube) to apply make up correctly.
i had the general gist but just the I went and purchased some good brushes, an eye shadow pallet, much of the other stuff I had already.
(A pallet of eye shadows are great, as you can use eyeshadows for eyeliner, as blusher, illuminators)

i spent time learning how to do my eyebrows correctly, how to do "smokey eyes" to put on eyeliner, work those cheek bones with blusher and illuminators. And ya know what not only was it educational, but it made me feel good. Breaking up all those little things, and spending those extra 5 mins doing those things for me was great. I was also spending more time, just looking in the mirror...working with my face and enhancing the features that are already there.

I am very much a "less is more" when it comes to make up, but there is so much you can do with even the minimal make up. I urge everyone to give this a try, if you're staying in with family or heading out for a night on the town, practise spending time on yourself and your make up, make yourself feel beautiful cos you spent those extra few minutes on yourself...because it's not about covering yourself, it's about spending time on yourself.

Love to ye
Moongal x

Wow MG, thank you for reminding me that ME TIME is definately important :) ♥

very true, we should all look more after ourselves. sucks that we have to be reminded of it :-)

thanks hun, as always!

Hey sweeties,
I know that feeling all too well, but give it a really does help and it's just about you drawing focus in on you...both outside and's not an exercise in vanity but it will make you feel better...and you deserve to feel good.

Who know what you may uncover, maybe a bolder you, maybe a smoking sultry Goddess that simply needed to be unleashed. I like to think there is a piece of a Goddess in each one of us.

Love you both
Moongal x

Such a fantastic reminder and suggestion Moongal, thank you! If I am feeling exhausted, rundown, or sad; making myself up always put a lot of pep in my step. I love fashion; it's always been my fun escape, so experimenting with make-up is very therapeutic.

Ya puppy,
it made me feel great...and I think sometimes when we're not feeling great we don't want to go buying clothes, although I am a crazy fashion-aholic too:)...going through a major jeans casual thing at the moment and loving it:)

It's amazing what giving those eyebrows a proper tweeze and then filling them in correctly will do. Or just some blusher...even a little bit of lip gloss.

Another thing I do, is give to give my teeth a really good clean...brush, floss, does make your mouth make you feel really good.

Love ya hun
Moongal x

Absolutely Moongal! It's all a bit of prep and polish to make us feel oh so good. Any little thing to add pep. Day-to-day, I'm super casual, though always put on a bit of mascara and lip gloss. Just that little bit makes me feel better.