Sometimes being a lesbian is depressing

Sometimes being a lesbian is depressing.

So is being a gay man. I hear ya!

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@Loveovercomes Sorry to hear you experience this too.

@CKBlossom Meeting people. I’m lucky that my family accepts me but
I have had a lot of trouble with other people. I feel like it would be so much easier if I was straight. Just listen to support me.

One of the reasons you're feeling this way, is because you're still pressured to be straight in order to fit in with the society. You don't have to listen what the society says. Don't listen what other people tell you negatively about your orientation. They don't get to decide your life choices. You're allowed to date a woman, or remain single. Being gay is something that you can't change and you know that it isn't abnormal. I'm a teenage straight girl and from where I live, most people are against gays. My elder sibling is bisexual and she's doesn't care what other people tell her about her sexuality. Our mother is supportive, but sadly, our father is homophobic and transphobic, and so is our paternal grandmother. If anyone, who are you close with, aren't supportive of your identity, end contact with them. They should know that being LGBT isn't a bad thing.

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@KidDJ Thank you for the support!