Sometimes I am afraid of everything

I am pretty upset right now, and I don't even know if I want to leave the house. I bought a used car and I get afraid to drive. I bought a minivan, I just didn't have the money or time to find anything better. I had a car last year, and it broke down. I was afraid I would get in an accident with it at the time. Now I have this van, and I'm afraid to drive it, but I couldn't afford anything else. I have had a car accident. I am sure my fears are based on that. Other things in my life are causing me to be very emotional and upset, this is causing my ptsd, to acted up. My boyfriend and I are argueing, my son is having problems with his girlfriend. I need to control my enviorment so these emotional upheavals don't happen. That means possibly being alone, and that is scary.

Do other people have that problem. When emotional things are going on in your live, do you get frightened of simple things?

Hello Valouise,
Yes, I'm afraid all the time but sometimes the fear is in a little corner of my mind. My addictions help me avoid facing my fears and then there's having to focus on these daily grind things so I can eat and have shelter, little that they are.
I have all the common fears society has always had: water, food, warmth, shelter, safety, friendship. It all looks different, but we're still struggling with the same issues we were thousands of years ago. But now that I can see them so clearly and if there is a way to resolve all these fears, I will see the solution. I am very smart, intelligent, wise.