Sometimes I wonder what not being sad feels like. Like I'v

Sometimes I wonder what not being sad feels like.
Like I've been so sad for so long I'm not sure I'd know the "happy" if I ever felt it.

I wish...

In other news, I got placed on medication: Prozac and Ritalin. And a couple of mood stabilizers...
I'd like all and any news about it from people who have been on these drugs please...

Is there anything that gives you any joy? Even a small amount? Taking a warm bath, Holding a kitten, Smiling in the sunshine/, A great cup of coffee?

Prozac did not work great for me, but I know it is different for everyone. I have been on Lexapro for a few months and find it works pretty well. MIxed with Ativan it seems to take the edge off for me. I was placed on the mood stabilizer Lamictal a couple weeks ago and it seems to help a little as well.

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@ChisRB thanks for your opinion about the drugs. I just recently started medication so I’ll wait and see if it works.

And I got a kitten. Yesterday. She’s named Blue for her eyes and she was a present from my classmate.

Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens? Bright copper kettles or warm woolly mittens? Sorry: couldn't resist :-) I suspect the stuff you're taking will "flatten" your moods out a lot: there won't be a lot of lows, but (as you say) "happy" may be elusive. Would you settle for "content"? If you can just feel OK about whatever your current mood is at any given time that might not be a bad place to hang. It's what I used to do on a prozac/clonazepam combo, and eventually things picked up from there. At the very least don't spend your time wishing for a better state of mind: that will almost certainly prove to be a downer! Try to relax and go with the flow. My 2¢: not worth much more than that, I fear.

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Thanks a lot @buddhabob. The sound of music song made me smile. It’s amazing how somethings transcend countries and continents.
I will learn to find contentment in all of my moods… Maybe from there the happy will come. Or maybe it won’t. I’ll be content either ways