Sometimes it helps to write things down

It’s a resounding memory reminding you constantly what used to be,
As you hold on to it you feel know closure just an empty feeling of loss and
Self pity for yourself, your face hasn’t moved out of place you’re stuck with what used to be,
The only difference is your not wearing that pink dress and his arm is no longer raped around you.
Dispose of it? Why would I do that? What good will come from disposing a memory after all that is all it is, a memory.
It’s funny how a picture can glue you back to what you had, drawing you in making you feel all these repetitive feelings that resound over and over in your head, but it is a new year soon and no longer will I have to feel the pain of what used to be.
Let me move on now photo, don’t belittle me or make tears fall from my eyes, I am strong through these times, the only memories that are held dearly are the ones that god holds of my life, a photo is a photo behind that photo is a story but that was an old chapter I am now in for the new done with the old, that boy can’t touch me anymore and the resounding thoughts and feelings that drill over and over in my mind will one day fade and the pain of what used to be will somehow die. I won’t know when because the memory will no longer make me question, I would have moved on completely.
The boy in the picture promised a lot of things, but these promises are numb and still just like the picture itself. I don’t question how we got here, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, stopping the present and changing it with what is now, and now is sad but as the clouds move in the sky and children are born, people die my life is also changing every day, my grief and heartbreak sit calmly on my heart, the anger doesn’t build up in me anymore but part of the pain still remains.
When you have a cardboard box covered in stickers of memories, removing each sticker somehow always leaves a trace and tiny parts of box rip also, love is easily compared to this box, knowing someone so well and loving everything about them you’re bound to hold parts of what you used to be.
That is a photo, this is now, I’m ready to move on step by step

It is great that you let out your feelings and i hope you have an easier time moving on. like you said step by step and the pain will slowly decrease with time.