Sometimes validation is what our loved ones need when having

Sometimes validation is what our loved ones need when having memory problems. Many patients are aware something is wrong with their brain and are scared of the changes going on. Naomi Feil describes validation on youtube. I recommend looking her up.

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this is good advice

Like beboba said, my husband KNOWS something is wrong. We have talked about it, I can see fear in his eyes at times, yet he refuses to admit it. Our children all say they think his angry outbursts are due to his fear of what is happening to him. He is starting to tell recent AND past events in ways they did not occur. He recently threatened our youngest daughter and when she pushed him away, not in anger, she fell and cut his arm. I couldn't get him up so I called 911 for help. (he is 6' 260#...I am 5'5 115#) He told our oldest daughter tonight that he never threatened or made moves toward anyone. He said this in front of me, knowing I was there and witnessed the whole thing. I think he actually believes his version. Is that an example of the dementia? If so, how do I handle it? I can sometimes redirect and he seems to remember things correctly. Not tonight. He became very angry when I tried to tell the incident the real way it happened, so I just stopped talking. I'm not sure which way is best. Any suggestions? BTW...he refuses to talk to his doctor about any of this, so that option is out.

We couldnt know this situation. But you probably can speak to his doctor. They may not be able to give you details of his health due to privacy, but you probably can leave your concerns at his doctors office, stating you are a concerned family member.