found out a few months ago my son(40 yrs old) was using heroin. His girfriend died 2 yrs ago from drug overdose-My son and 12 yr old grandson moved in with us after this happened. Last yr my son had to serve weekends in jail for a yr for dui's. He says he was depressed because of death and the jail-so he turned to heroin. He works hard (very physical job) very rarely misses work- I think I have been an enabler as I have not made him pay rent as I thought he was paying off bills. He told us of drug addiction and checked himself into a rehab-but it was only for a week and then went back to work. He has started another religious based drug program-but only goes once a week. I don't know that this is helping him-I sometimes think he's going just to make me happy. He is tired and seems depressed most of the time. He says he is tired because of the job-My husband says he wants him to move out by first of year-he has no where to go -no drivers license-not alot of friends-as he does not socialize much-just work and his son. he works a couple blocks from our house so no worry about transportation from our house. I really want to help but I go through emotions of feeling sorry for him and then being really angry as he still is not totally up front on alot of things-and there have been some stealing and lieing when he was using. I still wonder at times if he is using-so then I say things that are hurtful and just escalate the situation-He is very laid back and does not say much-always has been quiet-so I really don't know what's going on in his head-any advise?? thanks

Hi CHRISSS. Welcome to As a mom myself, I can understand your feelings about your son. Have you ever been to Alanon or Naranon for yourself. Those are support groups for loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. If you haven't been to them yet, then I suggest checking them out. You can also find meetings for them here . Please keep coming back and letting us know how you and your son are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

Thanks Bluidkiti-I have thought about the nar-anon-I will look into-