Soooooo depressed and in pain

Soooooo depressed and in pain....

physical pain ?


you must be a lady then ... Are you having an OB right now ? those can be really painful for the ladies ... But there are things you can do to help with that...

there is lidocaine creams, sits bath, anti viral meds to make them last a few days less .. you should look for dark_phoenix , she has really good resources and tips for that.

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Yes I'm female and having an OB right now.. My first one, I'm in excruciating pain. I have a cream and meds from the doctor but still in a lot of pain.

Yes the sitz baths worked wonders! I also tried the tea tree oil. Try it and let me know if it helps.

Where can I purchase the sitz baths?

@bflowers I actually used fragrance free Epsom really worked.i soaked for 20 mins.

are you having buttocks pain? This is where I have the most pain.

Yes same here. Like a stinging

Yes it is the worst. The tingling and itching :( I can relate. I was just diagnosed on the 24th so I'm learning all I can. Have you taken the meds yet?

@DottieD I’ve just started some cream and meds yesterday they only seem to relax the OB for a little while but shortly after you start to feel it again

@dottied I'm going to try it

Yes please do and let me know. You are not alone. We are all here to support each other. I suspect I will have my days too but I keep reminding myself that it is not fatal. It is hard to accept. I was devastated when I found out but I knew something was not right due to the symptoms.

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@DottieD I appreciate it. SomeoTimes I can’t even sleep it’s so uncomfortable. I’m working currently and I can’t wait to go home and try that bath. It’s tough when you’re not home dealing with it having to come to work is so draining and I’m so embarrassed. I thought mine were pimples at first but once they started to spread I knew…

Don't worry as stress will just add to your situation in a negative way. Yes try the Epsom salt for the aches / pain, tea tree oil will help with the itching. I also read that lemon balm oil has anti viral properties and will help for itching. I will check on u tomorrow. I'm on the east coast.

The cream helps more then the medicine I think you should ask your doctor for some

I'm on the east coast as well. I'm going to buy some tonight and try it and I'll let you know