really does die really does die...

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Well..... Not sure what you mean. But I do know, just as you can fall in love. You can fall out of love. If this not so.... We would have nearly no divorce.

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@jim111 And who says the majority of persons marry for love? Maybe that’s why it ended in divorce. They married for superficial reasons.

Most marriage isn't even based on love.

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@JR11223 I think your very wrong there. Most ppl fall in love and marry. I have rarely met anyone in my life, say they were not in love once married.

I don't feel like love gets dropped. It doesn't fall, it dies. You aren't suppose to fall in love you are suppose to unintentionally create love but idk in my opinion at least. I just can't see it any other way than dying

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And than it kinda goes into ooh I loved you but we got married and that love just faded? Maybe I have to much faith in love but to me if you are really in love that love is like Superman. Virtually indestructible, almost unkillable but as we've seen, still doable

I guess so especially if someone is weak enough to get swayed and let go

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@Jr11223 If it's true Love it lasts. For Love is faithful, and kind....... The kind of Love you are speaking it wasn't the good kind. Maybe it wasn't Love at all, but infatuation or lust which is just fleeting. I empathized with what you're going through, but you do get over a broken heart. I hoped, that next time, when you fall in Love, it would be the True kind.... Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

@Irma love might just last but the relationship won’t. Idk. I guess I’m confused

I remember being nineteen. The things that I was pretty certain of changed a lot over the years. I was in love with someone at the time. Circumstances changed and we lost touch for 40 years. I still love her but not in quite the same way as a young man of 19. I met and fell in love with a couple more over the next few years...until I met the person who changed my whole life. I didn't plan it, wasn't looking for it, and didn't particularly want it...or so I thought. For me it wasn't until I matured enough to embrace the fact that it wasn't ABOUT me that my whole notion of love changed and was elevated. It sounds strange to me even now but as I write this I am grateful for the things that I had to go through to get there...even the tears.

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I hope it is worth it when things are said and done. I really don't want to love many more. I want to be able to love the next for a long time. Maybe I should stop treating this as a murder case looking for the causes the rights the wrongs. Idk. Thank you tho. I think I will always love her just not like I did before. I'm just so alone ya know?

I think I get it. I was crushed at the time...40 years ago, and then again 35 years ago when things fell apart with a young lady to whom I was engaged. I mean I was in pieces. What it took me time to realize was that had I been attached to that person, I would not have been available for the person that I was intended to be with...the one who through her love taught me so much. If you really want to find that kind of love consider BEING that for someone else.

@IronJohn I was that someone. When we first got together she would talk about suicide a lot and it was hard but after a year she stopped. When all went to hell on the holidays I was the one to pick up the pieces. We picked up each others pieces. I just yeah I do want to be that for someone.

You probably learned quicker than I did. The mind and the heart reconciling these things is a bit trickier. Being empathetic without also getting sucked into a black hole is kind of a leaned skill. You already have what it when you are ready, go out and experience it. I can tell you all about a Junior's Cheesecake...but there's nothing like taking a bite of one...

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@IronJohn and now I am hungry lol. Idk. Its come to that point where fighting for this love is more cowardice than bravery. Maybe I should just look to the future of someone else but I just…cant

Don't be too hard on yourself. You will make it through this. None of it is easy. There are some pretty good folks on here to bounce stuff off of.
I think I made myself hungry...gotta go get a cheesecake...

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@IronJohn that’s what I need people to bounce stuff off of. That’s why I love it here. Lucky man in on a diet and cannot well I heard it’s better to say I will not eat cheesecake lol