Sorry I've not posted for a while folks, I guess I've been d

Sorry I've not posted for a while folks, I guess I've been down and physically felt like poop a lot..
Then a got a really bad head cold too.

We had My Man's brother this weekend for the first time in months (he wanted to stay home more and play with his friends)

We went bowling and then I paid for them to use the pool table for a while.
He gave me lots of hugs and he even said he might start staying over again if we get him a different bed.

I'm having surgery tomorrow and I'm really anxious about it, last time I had surgery I was intubated because I couldn't breathe on my own and the surgeons left me with more problems than they solved, which is the reason for my surgery tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to getting healthy and getting more active but a big part of me worries that I could end up worse off this time too.

I've been on the edge of a panicked state all day, I keep feeling like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest, I'm not finding calmness is happening much.

I'm worried my animals won't cope without me.
My hamster may even die while I'm not here, he was our first baby and he's very old and frail.
My bunny may be rehomed while I'm away which is a good thing because my mobility is impacting his life, he isn't getting out of his cage..
I won't get to make sure he's ok before he goes or that they take all his stuff or they know how he likes things. I adore my bunny.

I should be asleep but my tummy hurts and I feel like violet out of willy wonka.
I have so many worries about my stay in hospital and I worry about My Man being here alone.
I want my Mummy!

How did your surgery go hun? I hope everything is well and that all your fears were for naught!

@CKarma my surgery went wonderfully!!
Dramatically better than anyone anticipated!

The surgeons even managed to pull my muscles together without using any mesh.
My fistula was identified and completely removed.
My new Urostomy seems to be working with no problems.
I’ve been quite alert and my pain is being managed very well