I lost the battle today but i havent lost the war. I hope yall can forgive me. Have you ever heard that song, I get knocked down, but I get up again, they`re never gonna keep me down? Well anyways thats pretty much the song of my life. Yes i have fallen down again. BUT NO I WILL NOT STAY DOWN! I may give in but i never give up. I almost considered not coming back on here, because im ashamed of what i did. But who of us on here has not fallen down. We are all broken. And i would miss you guys so much. I just had to come back. Thank you all. Love, Jay

Good decision Jay & it takes a big man to go the long haul & help all of us understand & learn from your experiences.

How else are people going to learn whats going on w/others unless its talked about.....

Excellant post, keep going.


i completely understand how you feel, jay. a few days ago, i felt ashamed because i contacted a man who is no good for me nor my love/emotional pain/sex addiction, after all the support i've received here. i felt as if i have let people down. i felt terrible. but now that you mentioned the same thing, i can say that there is no shame, jay. i also identify with that song. we will not be kept down.

stay strong.

Im so glad you guys understand what im going through. I never thought i would be able to talk to anyone about this and now i have 100s of people that accept me for who i am. Yall make me so happy. : ) love, jay

It's okay Jay. That is why we are here, because we are weak at times and fall prey to our addictions. If we could always be strong enough and do this on our own, there would be no such thing as a support group.

Tomorrow is a new day, a clean slate, without any mistakes.

Thanks Jen. :)

You’re most welcome!

And if anyone tries to bash you for being human…ask them to walk on water for ya!

And then let me know because cyber bullying WILL NOT be tolerated on this site!

Its not so much about the destination, as it is about the JOURNEY. We live as we travel..while we travel. we change ourselves in increments fueled by splashes of inspiration here and there. A Spark of light illuminating a dark path just long enough to give you a sense of where you are. Our joy is felt in the the transition which can be called hope or faith..again the journey.

How's it going Jay, just checking in.


It is good that you didn't leave the site. Falling down is part of the journey toward getting better. Someone once told me that falling is not a problem and if you fall forward you are still moving in the right direction.

We all have our moments where we feel like we screwed up. The fact that we feel that way shows that we are doing better than we were at the point that we did not see the same act as a problem. It is progress and that is a good thing.