i don't know if i should even be here. i wasn't diagnosed by anyone. i've never been to therapy. never been to a counselor. never been on anti-depressants. never dropped below the weight range, never been over it either. but i'm tired of this...

so sorry. sorry if i shouldn't be here. sorry if i shouldn't post anything. sorry if i'm interrupting or anything. maybe i should look for a support group for drama queens, haha. something that i know fits me.

sorry if i'm coming across as self-pitying. it's just that it's late and i'm not tired and i'm in one of those moods, where i just want to lay down and stare at the shadows and wonder if maybe that's where i should be.

there i go again.

anyway, sorry, i'm done now.

Do not apologize, please. You came here because you obviously have concerns surrounding your eating behaviours, you are more then welcome here <3.

Don't be sorry....there is no need! You came here for a reason and we are all here to help...

we've all been there, actually i still am, so keep venting, posting, sharing! we're always happy to listen!

lots of love

Don't be sorry, people here will support you through anything, and if you're here, then we are too, we will help you through your good and bad days, don't apologize for coming to the right place...

@all: thanks. i'm hoping this helps and fixes me so there's no need for any further action, haha.