Sort of feel like I've been in a holding pattern for such a

Sort of feel like I've been in a holding pattern for such a long time. Not terribly awful -I can do basics. But not very good either. I think I've long used depression/ anxiety as such an identification of ME, that it feels weird to say..."I'd like to break up with you both NOW"...I need to let go of you so get out of my way. Oh and ADHD has been hovering steadily pretending no one sees...but you need to be 'transformed' and used for something different."
Life is so short.

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Depression is the only consistent part of my life that I have begun to accept it as integral part of my character. Despite it being such a terrible friend that I wish would go away I also find comfort in that it’s always there because everything else in life is so unpredictable and susceptible to change. I do wonder though, what life would be like if I wasn’t depressed.

@Destiny2020. @Littlesis7 The most difficult thing for us is changing our way of thinking. We been the way we are for so long we accept being depressed . Don’t accept it. !! It’s evil and bad and interfering in our lives. Re directing our thought process won’t happen over night. We didn’t get here overnight. It will take work and lots of it. But you have the strength and will power to work on this. And you tell yourself that too!! You are strong ! And worth it

Hey really sorry for the late response. I totally got frustrated with this site- kept dumping my content or logging me off etc…had to take a break. Wow, the new format is umm…interesting. As I said, ‘‘McGivered Up’’ lol.
I understand what you mean about depression being a kind of friend that is always there. Tbh, I’d settle for some decent irl type of humans who could actually support and cheerlead me. Those humans left my circle such a long time ago. Blindsided me and it was Soul-crushing -still not over the trauma.

Really sorry I never saw your reply Tropicalstorm! I had to take a break from the super glitched Sg site that kept dumping my content or logging me off lol.
Your encouraging words STILL ring true and feel great to hear, THANK YOU! Tell me how you’re currently doing?