Soups on quick easy soup it’s what for lunch

Soups on quick easy soup it’s what for lunch.

That is a fun picture!  It is cold here this morning too!

Oh my.

I know right not the norm this really was not my idea saw it on a cooking show it screams Fall right.


If it actually fell it would.

Oh well this soup isn’t for everybody and that’s cool my son wasn’t really feeling it either.

Lol. Give son cereal. It’s safer.
What was in the soup to make it gel like that?

My favorite turkey i ever made had a ton of butter on it. My son recently told me he hated it. I made it almost 30 years ago.
Was nice of him to wait to tell me how he really felt. Lol

I guess the chicken broth not sure oh well I have eaten it twice and survived lol.


You are brave. Bet it taste good.

What other creative projects are you planning?