I made calls this past week to possibly start getting help again. Now I have really stopped caring. I stopped eating lunch again (I started for maybe 2 weeks) dinners are smaller than ever an exercise is at a peak. Breakfast has never been there. I really have only been honest with one person about all this and now I feel like I cannot do that. She recently called my Mom to tell her what she thought about my ED due to me not disclosing the full truth to her myself.

I tell them both now I am eating more and not to worry. We live in far different states so what I tell them is pretty much all they have to go by. I keep seeing on websites how they strongly recommend getting the involved in the ED programs. I cannot get myself to admit it is THAT severe and that I cannot fix myself on my own. Still I think im ok.

What I am wondering is what approaches have others taken, what possibly works? I am thinking about attending a support group that meets once a week to see how that works. For some reason I don’t think therapists really care. I don’t know what my next step should be; I don’t know what to do.

I attend a support group once weekly, while informative, i dont personally find it benefical in the 'support' area. Other then this site, ive yet to find a good support system. Best of luck!!!