How have you found your sponsor? Has anyone heard about this app for an Iphone and related website? I am curious what has been your experience.

I found my sponsor through someone else who I asked to be my sponsor. It is suggested when you find someone who has what you want to ask them. You may find your sponsor in a meeting or online. It is preferred to have a face to face sponsor but for some having an online sponsor has been successful. If you can't find a permanent sponsor then you could find someone to temporarily sponsor you until you can find a permanent sponsor.

As for your second question, not sure what you mean.

Keep coming and sharing with us.

i am wondering if there are online gamblers anonymous meetings online and how do i find out when

Hi franblueglove, Welcome to SupportGroups.com. Here are a couple of links I found when doing a search for GA online meetings:



I don't know how active they are. You will need to check them. There is also a Gambling forum on the site here http://gambling.supportgroups.com/ . Keep coming and sharing with us. We are here for you.