Sporadic Periods

I am 48 and during the last several months my periods have become sporadic and really light actually spotty. I did have almost 2 months recently where I was spotting off and on like every other day or so. Seeing really nothing much but just enough. I did go to an OBGYN and have a pap and biopsy done just to be on the safe side. The results came back normal which I am very glad of that. I assume I am nearing the end of menstruation. Anyone else experience this?

Yes Ma'am, 6yrs. ago & now they've stopped all together (I'm 54) the hot flashes are subsiding a bit unless theres alot of drama @home. In the beginning the flashes (which feel like being in a microwave, cooked from the inside out) were happening every 30mins to an hour all day long & as the years went by it got better & I learned to not play into any drama/stress, now I try & be very aware of myself & take care of me as much as I can, like we were talking about on the arthritis site.

Hi, I am 47 and have been going through changes like that now for close to 2 years but more so recently. I'll have light periods that last like 14 days, spotting, regular periods, heavy periods and no periods, spotting on and off.
I saw my gyno who said I am going through menopause and took a blood test which confirmed it. She told me with the menstrual changes and my vaginal changes that I have about another 1-1/2 years to go. Believe me I am looking forward to no periods at all forever.